BMW M2 wins AUTOMOBILE Magazine’s 2017 All-Stars Award

by Tim Jones on March 11, 2017, 5:49 pm
m2 all star award amelia island

The BMW M2 received AUTOMOBILE Magazine’s All-Stars award at Amelia Island Concours d ’Elegance. Putting the first ever BMW M2 on the twisty roads of Mount Charleston and the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, the latest BMW M model was chosen as a 2017 All-Star winner for its outstanding driving dynamics and agility that combine to deliver an extraordinary driving experience.

The first-ever BMW M2
Judges praised the newest member of the BMW M portfolio family for its agility, precise steering and thrilling engine after extensive road tests and on the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. BMW M GmbH engineers were eager to satisfy the high expectations of sporty drivers who like to push the limits on the track. The BMW M2 comes with the latest generation of the trailblazing M TwinPower Turbo technology engine delivering an output of 365 hp at 6,500 rpm, maximum revs of 7,000 rpm and peak torque of 369 lb-ft from 1,450 – 4,750 rpm (overboost), the 3.0-liter 6-cylinder inline engine sends out a clear message to the high-performance sports car segment. The electronically controlled multi-plate limited-slip Active M Differential optimizes traction and maximizes directional stability and together with the lightweight aluminum front and rear axles with M Compound brakes ensure the dynamic talent of this award winning BMW M model.

2017 BMW M2 Order and Pricing Guides

The 2017 AUTOMOBILE All-Star Award
All-Star contenders are chosen by AUTOMOBILE from a diverse mix of models new to the U.S. market, revised or as a new variant. During 2016, 23 vehicles were selected for testing with 6 models winning the All-Star title.

400-hp BMW M2 CS on the horizon

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2 responses to BMW M2 wins AUTOMOBILE Magazine’s 2017 All-Stars Award

Capobranco commented:
March 11, 2017, 7:33 pm

"While its rambunctiousness may rub some the wrong way, I think it's a riot." - Automobile Magazine

The M2 is so much fun at any speed that every drive is an adventure. Even at moderate speeds the M2 delivers sports car sensations. If driven quickly, The M2 really comes into its own - delivering a focused driving experience with wonderful feedback - you really do feel at one with the car - the M2's mass magically shrinks.

Not the fastest nor best in any performance category, the M2's greatness is found in its return to basics formula that values balance over brute force. The M2 is The Ultimate Grin Machine.

Congrats M2!
hawkdawg commented:
March 12, 2017, 1:05 am

When I lost my E36 M3, I went shopping. The M2 was just a press release at the time. I test drove a coupe that I was told was the successor to my car, albeit a few generations removed--the M4. Powerful, but felt big and long, not at all what I thought a "M3" should feel like. It appeared that the overall package of traits I had enjoyed so much, that was once a BMW specialty, was now only a memory. Then the M2 started shipping, albeit at an agonizingly slow pace. After over a year of waiting, while fending off dealer after dealer trying to get me to "step up" to the M3/M4, or "go with" the M235i with a performance exhaust (because that last would supposedly be "darn close"), my MG 6MT finally arrived.

Now I'm happy again, like a pig in slop. BMW still has it. Back to the future, indeed.