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BMW iPad Holder Now Compatible with iPad 3rd Gen

by Tim Jones on August 07, 2012 at 07:20:01 PM

BMW has released a new iPad holder that is now compatible with the latest, 3rd generation, iPad. This accessory has been available iPad 1 and iPad 2 for several months and has been reworked to now supports the iPad 3. This accessory is an attractive way to facilitate the use of an iPad in the vehicle. It provides a safe and secure way to utilize Apple iPads while in the rear seat of your BMW. This product...

BMW X3 with Apple iPhone Dash Integration - Photos from AutoSpies at the Paris Auto

Looks like BMW is putting its full weight behind Apple and their 'i' products. Check out these real life photos the iPhone in a new BMW X3 snapped by AutoSpies at the Paris Auto Show. OK, so your techno oriented friends are telling you about the impending doom of the iPhone and that Android will be the king of the hill. Don't tell that to BMW because they have raised the bar to a new start when it comes to iPhone integration. Take a look at the shots of the integration on the X3 from...

AutoSpies grabs the first REAL life photos of BMW's iPad Integration

by Tim Jones on September 30, 2010 at 01:33:41 PM
AutoSpies grabs the first REAL life photos of BMW's iPad Integration

Thanks to Agent00R from AutoSpies for the tip. Check out AutoSpies pcitures from the Paris Auto showing how BMW strapped an Apple iPad to the back of the headrests When Agent001 questioned merely months ago about which automaker would be the first to take advantage of the iPad, most scoffed at the thought of using an iPad in a car. But someone at BMW must have picked up on this because now we're seeing, at the 2010 Paris Motor Show, BMW integrating iPad usage for rear passengers. It looks...

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