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Lease, own or sell back your BMW i3 with 'OwnersChoice with Flex' plan

by Tim Jones on February 25, 2014 at 04:45:00 PM
Lease, own or sell back your BMW i3 with 'OwnersChoice with Flex' plan

With the launch of the BMW i3, the brand’s first premium electric vehicle, BMW Group Financial Services becomes one of the first in the industry to create a financial solution to ownership that provides eligible customers with the options to lower their monthly payment and return the vehicle at the end of their contract term. The financing product called ‘OwnersChoice with Flex,’ provides eligible BMW i3 customers the option to increase their final OwnerChoice balloon payment due at the end of their contract term by up to $7,500. This increased final balloon payment reduces the amount of the customer’s required monthly payment. Eligible buyers of a new i3 may also be able to receive a Federal EV Income Tax Credit. Customers should consult with tax professionals to determine if they qualify for the tax credit as eligibility is complicated and subject to change.

BMW i3 vs Tesla Model S - Electric car market heats up

by Tim Jones on July 25, 2013 at 12:56:00 PM

The BMW i3 is stacked up against the Tesla Model S in 8 categories. How will the newest EV to enter the market stand up against what so far as been an unstoppable Tesla?

The cars are dramatically different but BMW and Tesla are aiming to be the premium brand in the heating up EV market. Who is going to take home the sales crown?

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