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Performance Center Delivery

It is possible to take redelivery of your ED vehicle at the Performance Center in Greenville, SC. Your car is sent there from the VDC, and you get to drive BMW-owned cars (similar to what you have ordered) on the track, in a variety of exercises, before receiving your car. Also, for expedited redelivery, you can request a "No Overview" option, as you already know your car from your time in Europe and at the Welt! For more details see this forum, or BMW's official page.

Obtaining Your BMW CCA Membership Reward Rebate

BMW of North America offers members of the BMW Car Club of America (BMW CCA) a rebate on the purchase of a new or CPO vehicle after one year of continuous membership. The amount ranges from $500 to $1500 depending on the model. Eligibility and details are available on the BMW CCA website. The program rules are summarized below and are valid for 2009. Be sure to check the BMW CCA website for the definitive statement of the program rules.

Cars purchased through the BMW NA European Delivery program are eligible for this program but procedures for this program for such cars are slightly different and are summarized below. As of the date of vehicle delivery, you must have been a member of the Club for over one year (i.e. 366 days) in order to be eligible.

European Delivery-Specific Program Info:

  • 1. The delivery date is the date you pick up your car in Munich. This means that you must have been a BMW CCA member for one year prior to that date.
  • 2. You will not receive an odometer statement with your ED car. You are not required to submit one to obtain the rebate.
  • 3. From the BMW CCA Web site (current as of 22.11.2009): "BMW CCA Membership Reward Application for European Delivery must be completed in its entirety and postmarked within 60 days of Munich European Delivery pick up date."
  • 4. Keep a copy of the materials you send, and consider sending them in a way that proves the date on which they were sent. That way, if BMW does not receive your materials in a timely fashion, you can prove you sent them on time.

After 45 days, if you have not received your check, you should inquire with the BMW CCA office in Spartanburg to ensure they have received and processed your paperwork.

N.B. The rules are subject to change at anytime and other rules may apply. Always check BMW CCA Web site for updates.

Check here: http://www.bmwcca.org/vehicle_rebate

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