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What to do in Munich

This section is not yet finalized but read ,,Jonathan Spira's Munich`` for a look at museums and music in the city. Munich is also renowned for the Biergarten (which was invented in the city). For a look at some of the most interesting ones - and a quick history lesson - see ,,Munich's Beer Gardens``. In Nov. 2010, b-y asked a group of graduate students to prepare a one-page list of the most interesting tourist sites in Munich. The link to the PDF page is here.

For a general idea of travel etiquette (i.e. what to do and what NOT to do) in Europe, see Business and Travel Etiquette.

For information about and photographs of Oktoberfest (which starts mid September), see Oktoberfest 2011 Opens in Munich.


Below is a general introduction to several Munich hotels, listed by neighborhood. For additional options and more information, search the forum as this is one of the more frequently discussed topics. If you feel you must post a question, please be as specific as possible, especially about price (i.e., your budget), parking requirments, location, etc. Simply asking something such as "what is a good hotel" won't help you much and will possibly provoke unneccessarily hostile replies.

Altstadt (City Center, near Marienplatz)

Top luxury hotels

  • Mandarin-Oriental ("M-O"; Neuturmstraße 1) is around the corner and overlooks the back of the Hofbräuhaus. b-y's choice for the top hotel in Munich, a bit smaller and with better service than the VJ and the BH (but approx $100 per night more expensive). Read a review of the MO in Executive Road Warrior.
  • Vier Jahreszeiten ("VJ"; Maximilianstraße 17) is ideally situated. It is (and looks like) one of the classic old hotels of Europe. Rooms vary; service is very good. b-y rates it slightly above the BH, its nearest competitor in price, on both room and service quality. Front door is directly on Maximilianstraße (a main shopping steet), and is one of the most impressive entrances you could imagine for a center-city hotel. Read a review of the Vier Jahreszeiten in Executive Road Warrior. For updated, very positive, reviews from 2010, read this post from b-y and this review in ERW by JSpira.
  • Bayerischer Hof ("BH"; Promenadeplatz 2-6) The Bavarian government uses this hotel for official guests.
  • The Charles Hotel, Sophienstraße 26. There is a review from early 2010 at Executive Road Warrior.

This walking map uses Google maps to show the relative locations of the Charles (A), the Bayerischerhof (B), the Vier Jahreszeiten (C), and the Mandarin-Oriental (D).

Other luxury hotels

The following hotels are within some definition of walking distance, but are several minutes further than the BH, VJ, or MO. BMW provides special rates at the King's.

  • Le Méridien München Bayerstraße 41
  • Königshof, Karlsplatz 25. MFunf reports "The location is hard to beat as the escalator to the underpass and UBahn was just 25 feet from the front door of the hotel....Underground parking is available behind the hotel so the car was not a problem." Read a review of the Königshof in Executive Road Warrior.
  • Sofitel Munich Bayerpost - The old Munchen post office next to the train station was converted to a modern, luxury hotel. Fantastic underground swimming pool with a grotto and waterfall. 8th floor suites are duplexes with living rooms on the lower level and bedroom on the top level, all next to a 2 floor wall of windows with remote controlled shades. Also a secure underground garage. Prices comparable to the Le Meridien across the street.

One-to-two steps down in quality

  • The Cortiina (note odd spelling) is about 1 or 2 blocks south. b-y's comment: "Looks quite nice. I've been in the public areas, but not the rooms." Comment from emdreiSMG: "Cortiina is a modern, small-boutiqy kind of hotel. Pretty good value if you need to be by the H-B haus."
  • King´s Hotel First Class, Dachauer Straße 13
  • The Platzl is almost next door to the HBH. It gets mixed reviews here (use "search").
  • Hotel Bristol München is a 3-star hotel with basic rooms, an excellent Bavarian breakfast, and available underground carpark. It is conveniently located steps from the Sendlinger Tor U-Bahn station, where you can take the U3 line to the Olympiazentrum station, to arrive at the BMW Welt!
  • The Motel One chain, all throughout Germany, is an upscale but inexpensive hotel company. There are 3 in central Munich including one right at Sendlinger Tor, which is on the same underground line (U3) as the Welt, and just a 5-7 minute walk to the Marianplatz. Wifi appears to be included in their rates, but check for yourself of course.


Schwabing is the Bohemian section of München, in that respect similar to Greenwich Village, with much of the area centered around student life, given the presence of the University of Munich (Ludwig-Maximilians Universität) and various student housing complexes. The Studentenstadt Freimann is Germany's largest student housing complex. The streets that run through the Studentenstadt are named after the World War II era resistance group, the White Rose. (JSpira lived in the Studentenstadt at Christoph-Probst-Straße 12, Blaues Haus.) The Studentenstadt is also home to the highest Biergarten in Munich, located (weather permitting) on the 19th floor terrace and 20th floor of Hanns-Seidel-Haus, a building that has been mistaken by Festers more than several times for the BMW Headquarters due to the large BMW roundel on the side of the building. Another large student housing complex is found in the Olympic Village or Olydorf, site of the 1972 Summer Olympics, an olympiad marred by the murder of members of the Israeli Olympic team.

This neighborhood is about a 30 minute walk from Marienplatz. The main street is the Leopoldstraße, where you will find numerous bars, restaurants, and cafés. Schwabing and the Leopoldstraße end at the Siegestor, the triumphal arch crowned with a statue of Bavaria.

Many 'festers stay at the Munich Marriott and at the Renaissance Hotel because they are often available at deeply discounted rates through Priceline. They are also conveniently located to the U6 train line (Nordfriedhof stop), and served by the Lufthansa airport shuttle bus. Refer to this thread for some past results and comments.

Another popular choice here is the Holiday Inn on the Leopoldstraße. It is about a 10-minute walk to the Münchner Freiheit stop (U3 and U6 trains). Read a review of the Holiday Inn in Executive Road Warrior.

Flughafen München/Munich Airport

While most airport hotels are almost a last resort, the Kempinski Airport Hotel München is a true luxury hotel with an excellent restaurant. And it's directly on the airport property, between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. Read a detailed review in Executive Road Warrior. The Novotel Airport Munich, also on airport grounds but a bus ride away from the terminals, opened in May 2010 and there is a comprehensive review in Executive Road Warrior as well.

Other neighborhoods

The Hotel Uhland, located near the Octoberfest grounds, is a popular, family-run, mid-price local favorite. It even has its own free off-street parking (but you do need the Green environmental pass). To give an idea of "mid-price" at a smaller Munich hotel, their 2009 rates ranged from approx. $100-200 (single) and $115-270 (doubles), including include breakfast buffet, service and tax. (These rates vary by season and the room specifics.) There are several reviews on the ED board.

Collven stayed at the Hotel Hahn, a three-star family-run hotel with some off-street parting in Oct. 2009. It is W of the Hauptbahnhof and the Tereseinweise (Oktoberfest grounds) at Landsberger Straße 117 in Schwanthalerhöhe. A small room was €84 for the night, including breakfast. Close to the Donnersburger Bruecke S-Bahn stop.

Hilton City Hotel, essentially on top of the Rosenheimer Platz S-Bahn stop. A few reasonably good reviews on the Fest ED board, but b-y didn't like their front-desk service. This latter view was supported by archie253. bing330i also had negative comments in Dec. 2010: "Not impressed, especially its surrounding. I would say it's the only hotel among the four I stayed that I will not recommend."

Hotel Laimer Hof is in the Nymphenburg district, just west of the Hauptbahnhof (main RR station). It has free parking. Recommended by gclabbe and mrd.

The Sheraton Munich Arabellapark Hotel and the Westin Grand Munich Arabellapark Hotel are across the street from each other in Bogenhausen. There is a recent (April 2010) thread with updated reviews of the Westin.

{NOTE: The accuracy of some of the statements in this next entry has been disputed. It needs additional citations for verification.} The Four Points München Olympiapark is possibly the closest hotel to the Welt. With the superior S- and U-Bahn transportation in Munich, there is no need to stay there. The decidedly mixed reviews are at this thread. For the morbidly curious, the Olympic Village apartment block where the massacre took place in 1972 is reported to have been at Connollystraße 31, approximately 400 meters away.

Restaurants (including unusual food sources)

This is possibly the topic that most benefits from SEARCH of the ED forum as there are many choices of cuisine, price, location, atmosphere, etc. In addition, there is some trendiness and changes in quality over time. Even the classification scheme below is somewhat arbitrary. Nevertheless, here are several starter lists, first by location, then by type:

Central Munich

Truly unusual options for great food or local provisions

(Both Dallmayr's and the Viktualienmarkt are tourist attractions as well as sources for food and dining. They should be near the top of every "foodie's" must-see list.)

  • Dallmayr: Although it bills itself as a "delicatessen" and coffee roaster, its food halls are comparable to Fouchon's or KaDeWe. You can eat at the full-service restaurant, at the ground-floor raw bar, or get a picnic lunch or assortment of foods to take back to your room. Even the architecture is top-class. Very close to Marienplatz.
  • Viktualienmarkt: Outdoor food stalls, many with tables. Also has a beer garden under chestnut trees. Puts your standard farmers' market to shame. Just south of the Tal. In June 2010, b-y and Mrs. b-y kept returning to Fisch Witte for lunch. Their fish and seafood specialties are superb. One or more steps in quality up from the nearby Nordsee; reviewed on the web here.
  • Chinesischer Turm at Englischer Garten: An outdoor beer garden with many choices for typical German fare. On a sunny weekend with the band playing it's hard to beat. (Also see the entry under "Biergarten" below.)

Most expensive, highest quality restaurants

  • Tantris, Johann-Fichte-Straße 9, in Schwabing. Highly recommended by JSpira.
  • Mark's, Neuturmstraße 1 in the Mandarin-Oriental (b-y particularly recommends their breakfast for business meetings and the excellent lunches; the atmosphere and service are a clear step above even the excellent breakfasts at the VJ or BH.)
  • Schuhbeck's Restaurant in den Südtiroler Stuben (in the Platzl, near the Hofbrauhaus) See NY Times story.
  • Lenbach, Ottostraße 6. Also highly recommended by JSpira.
  • Dukatz
  • Boettner

Traditional Bavarian food, mid-range price

  • Zum Dürnbräu [got a good review in the NY Times(review no longer on line)and recommended by jspira, b-y, and several other Festers as well as by the concierge at the Vier Jahreszeiten hotel]
  • Haxnbauer (owned by Kuffler; in Scholastikahaus) is probably everyone's image of an old Bavarian place for Schweinshaxen and Kalbshaxen (and you get the idea).
  • Orlando (owned by Schuhbeck's; also in the Platzl) Has buffets, usually with a theme.
  • Zum Franziskaner
  • Spatenhaus (an der Opera, at Residenzstraße 12) is another Kuffler-owned restaurant. Also mentioned in the NY Times article cited above. The upstairs rooms are a bit quieter and possibly have better service. Reservations advised for a table upstairs. (Nice photo in a BMW ad in the June 2011 Roundel.)
  • Zum Spöckmeier, Rosenstraße 9, am Marienplatz
  • Nürnberger Bratwurst Glöckl am Dom (opposite the Frauenkirche at Frauenplatz 9), recommended by STARFLEET. (I'm just guessing here, but I suspect they serve Nürnberger Bratwurst, which are moderately spicy, small wurst, about the size of your little finger. Actually, they have a full menu--but my favorite entry is the plate with 50 sausages!)

Not traditional Bavarian, or even German, food

  • Austernkeller: fish and seafood (Stollbergstraße 11).
  • Buffet Kull Mediterranean (?) cuisine; Marienstraße 4 (almost all local clientele).
  • Brenner Grill Italian-ish. Recommended by Banjo, but b-y likes the food at Kull, which has the same owners, better. (Lively atmosphere, as its directly on Maximillianstraße at no. 15. Brenner's appears to have re-opened in Summer 2010. See this review.)
  • Cafe Roma used to be a pleasant bar with light snacks. Also directly on Maximillianstraße, this one further east at no. 31 (almost to the Thomas-Wimmer-Ring). Now appears to be closed.

Vegetarian options

  • Prinz Myshkin, Hackenstraße 2, recommended by bone_doc and bbocaner.

Difficult to classify

  • Tresznjewski, Theresienstraße 72, is a bar and restaurant near the main buildings of LMU and TUM (the University of Munich and the Technical University's original campus). Popular with students and staff, busy bar and decent food. (North of the Pinakothek der Moderne; gets mixed reviews on the web.)




  • Bistro Terrine (this is past my limited German--either the owner was the chef at Tantris, or the two places have the same owner, or ... ??). Fixed-price lunch and dinners; one Michelin star. (Fall 2010 update: There is a profile of chef Jakob Stüttgen at the "Young chefs" website that describes Terrine as the „kleine Schwester“ (littel sister) of Tantris.)


(This listing was compiled by b-y, but he warns that he has not tried any of these except GrünTal.)


  • Käfer-Schänke


  • Sankt Emmeramsmühle (St. Emmeram 41, 81925 München). Recommended by emdreiSMG. (Across the river from the English Garden; either at the NW edge of Bogenhausen or in Unterföhning, depending on where the border between the neighborhoods might be.)
  • GrünTal (officially, "Wursthaus im GrünTal" at Grüntal 15, 81925 München in the Bogenhausen-Herzogpark district; also owned by Kuffler) is off the beaten path and rather unexpected as it has salads, etc. in addition to plates of wurst, etc. This 15-year-old British column is not quite a review, but does capture the atmosphere. Paulaner on tap and a large wine selection. (Very convenient off-street parking, unusual for Munich.)


  • Acquarello
  • Casale

Munich Nightlife

  • Isar Scene is Munich's preeminent listing of parties and social events, for both the under and over 30's crowd. (Note the frequent Uber 30 events are for age 30+)
  • Kultfabrik is an area of multiple bars and clubs built from an old industrial park near the East Train station. 20-somethings - 40-somethings will find at least one or two places to patronize as there are over 30 bars and clubs! This website gives the best description in English.

Information in English from American and British expats in Germany

  • American and British expats in Germany use the "Toytown" website to discuss living in Germany, bars, restaurants, laundromats, gatherings to watch MLB or the NFL, etc. It can be a useful reference for travelers as well.
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