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I am interested in "wiki'ifying" the page a little bit more. You know, clean up the formatting, maybe turn a few more web links into hyperlinks. Is that OK? I don't want to anger any of the people that have put so much work into making this page a great resource. Also, would it make sense to split off some of the longer sections into their own pages, to make the BMW E46 page a little more manageable / shorter?

--Markjx 18:13, 11 July 2007 (EDT)

link not working

What are the car/key memory options? Here is a list of the car/key memory options: They can be set by a dealer or any independent mechanic with a MODIC3/GT1 BMW diagnostic computer.

2001 330CI Reverse gear inoperable.

I guess I joined the 'we can't back up club'. Unfortunately, the membership fee is ridiculious, starting at $3k and ending somewhere in the stratosphere! Well, with Christmas just 19 days away and a transmission that can't back me out of the parking lot, my daughters are about to know that Santa Clause is not stopping by this year.

On a positive note, it felt good just dropping a dime on BMW of NA with the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA). Not that I expect anything to come out of this, at least maybe some conscientious Government employee may look into the matter. Also since I was on a role and I know how conerned the Government is to protect the Big 3 Auto makers with our tax dollars, that are at work to protect the consumer I drop another ten cents with the Federal Trade Comission Before I share my thoughts that I shared with the Feds, I have one question. Is not this about safety? Aren't we driving the Ultimate Driving Machine? Not right now, I can't back mine out of the garage. This is the jist of what I stated:

Complaint Information

 Description: Reverse gear does not work. I started my car let it idle for 3-5 minutes since the temperature outside was cold. I shifted into reverse gear, and nothing happened. I had just parked the car approximately 2 hours earlier. There was no indication prior to this incident that there was a problem with the transmission. On the next morning I called the local BMW Dealership and explained what had happened. They stated that I needed to replace the transmission. How can you determine that from a phone conversation, I wondered. I pushed the car out of my garage and proceeded to a mechanic. When I completed my dialogue of what had occurred he responded that I was number 4 for him this year. A replacement transmission cost between $3k - $5k. I returned home and began my unofficial internet research...I am not alone and BMW of NA is doing nothing to address the manufacturer's defect. I consider this a safety issue. Suppose I was 100s of miles away or if I was in a position where I need to use reverse to get out of harms way and it did not work. As other BMW owners have stated, at least my Chey or Ford used to tell me that it was sick and needed some attention. BMW has no maintenance requirement for this transmission. I am assuming that they think it is replace upon failure. Unacceptable, the part that failed is called the Drum. A band beaks and the reverse gear is broken. They have modified the materials in the newer Drums to alleviate the problem . That tells me that they are aware that the material they installed in my vehicle was inadequate. I have not repaired the vehicle at this time still shopping around for options. This is a safety issue and a recall is warranted. 

Feel free in joining me at putting our tax dollars to work and let the Feds fight for us.