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   Would love some feed back on either the 2008 550i VS the 535i as I am starting to look to buy one of the Two in Black at sometime within this 2011 year. 
  I have had 6 BMW's.  First was a Hena Red 320i in 1982, then a white 325i in 1984.  Then after our Second daughter bought a Burg 528i 1986 and fell in love with my old favorite a red 535IS 1988. Loved that 5.  We then went to a black 1997 740il then my last a 2001 black 740il.  Fell out of love with the New model change for the 7 series.  
   Again, been watching retails drop on both the 2008 535i and the 550i. Leaning toward the 550i as I love the look of the sport package with the 19" wheels and trim level in Black

Any comments good or bad on either would be Great!! Would also love to hear about maintance cost on either as I have heard both good and bad on both.

Thanks and excited to be back into Bimmerville. ALSO been a member of Roundel since 1982.

   Thanks to all.  P J Hamlett
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