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E30 Summary

The most involved and ultimate driving machine produced. The E30 ran until 1990, except for the convertible which went until 1993. The E30 has incredible driving dynamics, everything from the responsive and great throttle to the oh-so tight steering. You feel every bump in the road with an E30, however where it may lack in ride comfort, it makes up for while taking a corner at speed. The RWD platform (except for the iX) allows for the front wheels to do all the steering and not powering; combined with the lightweight of the E30 & near perfect 50/50 weight distribution, this is one serious corner monster. The E30 M3 laid the foundation for all future M3s, with improved handling dynamics over the normal E30 and a more powerful but smaller engine (4 cylinder producing 195hp as opposed to the M20 I6 making 171). The M3 also had a few different body parts; fenders and quarters were flared to accommodate wider tires, the body was more aerodynamic, and it had the signature M3 wing. All in all, the E30 (M3 or not), is the ultimate driving machine. I would prefer it over an E36 any day. Its just that great

What is an E30?

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