Forum Guidelines
Last updated on September 9, 2009
  1. Please remember to BE CONSIDERATE TO OTHER MEMBERS!
  2. No personal attacks on any member
  3. No harassment of forum members in any way (email, private messages, posts, etc.)
  4. Do not take matters into your own hands; if someone attacks you, report the post and walk away from it. Retaliation will also result in an infraction.
  5. Bimmerfest is not a personal club for you and your friends to make fun of each other thinking no one else will find it offensive. Think before you post and ask yourself if a new (or existing) member to the site would find your post offensive. If they would, DO NOT post it.
  6. No "alternate" personalities. No more than one username per member
  7. No adult content. If its not on primetime TV, its not on the forum (you may be an adult but that doesnt mean everyone is)
  8. Commercial postings are only permitted by authorized and sponsoring vendors - contact info @ for more details
  9. Any "trolls" (those posting just to get a rise or cause trouble AND not posting on-topic material) will be banned without question

Please note that we are not attempting to censor any messages, but remember that this is a moderated discussion forum. We want to preserve the spirit of an open and interactive discussion without offending participants. This means that the Bimmerfest Team reserves the right to edit/remove any inappropriate messages, or to lock a thread. Before taking these steps, the moderators will attempt to steer the discussion back to the topic. The additional steps to edit or remove a post will only be taken in appropriate circumstances, again, the intent is not to censor legitimate discussion or change the content of any post.

Any violation of these rules will lead to an infraction being issued to the user. When you reach 11 points, you will be unable to access the site until some of your points expire. In some cases your points never expire. You can find any infractions that you have by viewing your own profile on the forum.

Any Bimmerfest member that receives a total of ten (10) official infractions (including warnings) for Terms of Use violations will be subject to a permanent ban from the community.

Bimmerfest Moderation Philosophy

Mantra: Less is Better

When we moderate
Typically moderation occurs when the report a post feature is used by a member or when a moderator is browsing their respective forums. If you see a post or thread that is offensive, please click on the report a post icon (Report a Post) -- If you do not tell us about it, there is no way to be sure we will see it. Taking on an issue by attacking a poster is NOT the proper action and may result in your post being reported by another member who may find that response offensive. Please report the issues and let the moderating team deal with the issue.

How we moderate
Each moderator of Bimmerfest has a set of forums that they oversee on the site. The moderators for that forum are given latitude in deciding what is moderated with the base concept of less moderation is best. Each moderator on the site was hand picked because they are very knowledgeable BMW owners who have proven to be dedicated to the idea of bringing the BMW community together. When a post or thread is reported, a moderator looks at the issue and acts with their best judgement. We cannot promise that a moderator will see the issue the same way as you do but by reporting the issue at least you can be sure it will be looked at by a moderator in a reasonable time period. As each moderator does have a life and job a response may take several hours or possibly up to 24 hours to be looked at.

I reported something but it hasn't been dealt with
Our moderating team will normally look into any reported issues with 24 hours. Reported posts are not always removed by the moderating team; if the post you reported has not been dealt with within this time period, please email us at info @ with your concerns so we may look into the issue.

How to complain
As hard as we work to keep the peace, there are bound to be issues about how or why things are moderated. If you feel as though there is a larger issue that you need to speak out on, please email us at info @ so that the admins can look into an issue further. If you have a problem with a moderator, please contact us immediately at info @ so that we can deal with the issue.