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Conversation Between E36 Phantom and Solidjake
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  1. Solidjake
    02-27-2010 11:09 AM
    New sig

  2. E36 Phantom
    10-12-2009 07:20 PM
    E36 Phantom
    Ah F*ck....I just posted my reply on my own page. Gotta go delete that....

    Anyway....Sounds awesome! I love the license tests on the Play Station, that was always good sh*t. I wonder how cheap I could get a PSP for Hows the online play for GT?
  3. Solidjake
    10-12-2009 07:10 PM
    It's ok. It's my brothers PSP and he was able to get a torrent of the game and put it in the system (with that windows programming)

    The single player has time trail, single player (just put your laps and race) and drift. Then you have the license things which are pretty good and keep you busy. The cars are nice, even an inside view.

    And there are a TON of tracks, like all of them from GT4 and the detail is great to them for a PSP.
  4. E36 Phantom
    10-12-2009 07:05 PM
    E36 Phantom
    You would.....

    How is it? I've heard good things about it, never actually played it. I sold my PSP not long after I got it, many many years ago. Had Gran Turismo been out for it, I probably would've kept it
  5. Solidjake
    10-12-2009 07:02 PM
    HAHAHAHAH, only for you babe

    I'm doing good, playing Gran Turismo on the PSP
  6. E36 Phantom
    10-12-2009 06:56 PM
    E36 Phantom
    Not much man, you? Still dressing up as a giant dick?
  7. Solidjake
    10-12-2009 06:39 PM
  8. Solidjake
    07-23-2009 10:49 AM
  9. E36 Phantom
    07-23-2009 10:46 AM
    E36 Phantom
    Yeah, my roommate had a 360 which is why I never bothered getting one, but he's out of town for several weeks and took it with him. Used to play COD4 online all the time, that game was insanely fun. Gotta steal my little brother's 360 next time I'm at my parents' house....
  10. Solidjake
    07-23-2009 10:42 AM
    lol, it's worth it. xbox is fun especially online.

    yea, he's cool. he knows how to take it ....

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