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Conversation Between Missmodena310 and drive by72
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  1. drive by72
    06-02-2011 06:36 PM
    drive by72
    Be nice and maayyyyyyyybbbbbbbbbbbbeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee you'll get to drive the beast. Remember the emphasis on maybe. Wowzers, that doesnt sound fun at all. At least its only a few hours away?
  2. Missmodena310
    06-01-2011 10:58 PM
    oooo i wanna drive the beast!! i just got a 4 hr notice i have to be in san fransico in the morning so i am mad packing for work right now ugh so tired
  3. drive by72
    06-01-2011 08:39 PM
    drive by72
    thats awesome. Thats how you know hes a keeper Despite everything you're told when your young about farting jokes being inappropriate, they never cease to be funny. Lol. I took the beast out for a drive tonight and saw just about every single cop in the town I live in... I swear they were looking for me
  4. Missmodena310
    05-31-2011 10:15 PM
    hahah i like your logic i love it earlier my bf and i had a long conversation about farting and burps it was so damn funny! i like how adults find farting and burping just as funny as teens lmao
  5. drive by72
    05-31-2011 10:08 PM
    drive by72
    But on the same logic of being a girl, you dont need a car babe to have the same effect. Just wear a tank and short shorts and its pretty much the same thing as a guy having a car and a car babe but better, if that makes sense
  6. Missmodena310
    05-31-2011 09:46 PM
    Lol that is awesome car babes are a bonus for sure! Only problem being a girl I don't have a car babe lmao
  7. drive by72
    05-31-2011 08:23 PM
    drive by72
    Ehh, cant say farmers tans are the most attractive kind; but it does certainly sound more appealing than the thing you call a tan.. Ahh, a good person you are. I'm sure nobody took it, I mean who steals from church? Either way you did a good thing I went to a bimmer meet on my memorial day, and for a spirited drive with Miko and Zach. I even had my car babe with me, haha
  8. Missmodena310
    05-30-2011 10:40 PM
    hahah farmers tans are awesome!! mine is like a ton of lines all over hahah i have one across my back 3 white lines on one shoulder and then an odd front tan. how was your memorial? i did work and went to church tonight lol not very exciting but it was nice. No one was at church so a good chance to just be alone and in silence. I found a $20 on the ground and put it in the basket that was supposed to be for collection i didnt know where else to put it. I hope no one took it
  9. drive by72
    05-30-2011 07:59 PM
    drive by72
    Nice tan I got one today too, except its pretty farmerish. Yeah Im pretty sure that if I had to work I would have been asleep most of the time. And happy memorial day to you too!
  10. Missmodena310
    05-30-2011 03:03 PM
    hahah yes i have a lovely tan finally!!! o thats good you didnt have to work that would have been miserable!!! btw Happy Memorial day!

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