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  1. Technic
    10-01-2018 06:05 PM
    Yes, all 6 speakers.

    Bavsound and all the PnP aftermarket woofers are not subs, they are woofers -midbass and some lower 40hz range. SWS-8Xi are subs -plenty of lower 30Hz range at the cost of upper midbass range. You decide which you like the most -deep feeling bass, or solid midbass.

    You need an add-a-sub harness kit for HK for adding an aftermarket amp to the OEM amp to power the woofers:
  2. Dr. Who
    10-01-2018 08:30 AM
    Dr. Who


    Just to be clear... There are (in the "Front"):

    * 1 Center channel
    * 1 Center channel Tweeter
    * 2 Front door Mid Ranges
    * 2 Front door Tweeters

    Do I swap out all of these?

    Is your adapter harness with the additional Amp. only necessary for a sub that's Not (e.g.: "SWS8Xi's") PnP,
    or do I need these for the "Bavsound" ("PnP") woofers, as well?

    Thanks again!


  3. Technic
    09-30-2018 12:25 AM
    - Front and center speakers only. Bavsound is PnP and optimized for OEM amp. If you want Focal then get the BMW PnP speaker kit of theirs. Don' know anything about the ES100K speakers.
    - Need a 2ch aftermarket amp (100Wrms per channel, JL Audio or Arc Audio) to power any replacement woofers as stated, and add-a-sub PnP harness from
    - Everything suggested fits and works with OEM amp.
    - Don't need anything else unless you want to replace the whole system. Talk to your local audio shop for prices.
  4. Dr. Who
    09-29-2018 09:40 PM
    Dr. Who

    Thanks for getting back to me!

    So, you do recommend the "BAVSound" (All 6?) - for the Fronts? Any thoughts on the "Focal ES100K" kit?

    Will the "SWSS8Xi's" fit in the stock HK under seat housings? Are they compatible (Ohms & Connector)
    with the stock HK system? Won't I need a Crossover to connect in between these and the suggested Amp.?
    Which "2Ch. Amp" is the cleanest - recommended for these Sub's.?

    How do I hook it all up so it all works together with the HK?

    Will I also need:

    - Audison DMI MOST-Toslink Converter - Cost?
    - Alpine PXA-H800 DSP with Toslink inputs - Cost?

    Please elaborate.

    Thanks again!

  5. Technic
    09-29-2018 01:50 PM

    I would suggest replacing the front and center OEM speakers with Bavsound, and adding a 2ch aftermarket amp to power either a pair of SWS8Xi (subwoofers = deep bass) or a pair of Bavsound (woofers = midbass) underseat. Keep the OEM amp. No need to redo the whole system like I did. This will sound fantastic for the price and effort.
  6. Dr. Who
    09-29-2018 11:28 AM
    Dr. Who
    Re: 2017 M4 Convertible - "ZCP" HK


    I'd like to request your help.

    Goals: Tighter Bass / Consistent Mids & Highs that won't sound tinny - at any volume level.

    Many solutions out there aren't offered for the F83!?!

    I would prefer not to rip into my cars' interior so much and I don't want to lose any internal functions (i.e.: BT).

    I like the "Focal"(K2- ES100K). Will these be able to receive the signal or would they definitely require an Amp.
    replacement? Bass?

    You posted -

    - Audison DMI MOST-Toslink Converter - Ok., Required? (+-) Cost?
    - Alpine PXA-H800 DSP with Toslink inputs - OK., Required? (+-) Cost?

    - Arc Audio XDi V2 1100.5 5ch amp - Why separate Amps.?
    - Arc Audio XDi V2 600.4 4ch amp - Why Separate Amps.?
    - Arc Audio "Power Pack" Wiring harness (AArgh!?!)
    - Replacement Battery Distribution Block (AArgh!) - WHY??!

    "AArgh!" = the Wiring Freaks me out!!

    So, What do you think?


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