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JetFalcon 07-01-2019 08:10 PM

Is Tesla Model 3 faster than M3?
So I had a BMW M3 2013 Lime Rock I sold this year. I decided on a Tesla Model 3 when I was looking for a more practical car. I was considering the Lexus RX, but electric was very appealing to me and I was tired of gas cars, nothing much about them change.

Tesla Model 3 feels comfortable enough for a practical car, but it can still be fast when you want it to be. It's almost like even a soccer mom who just wanted a normal car, they still get the speed even if they don't care for it.

The Lime Rock was a stunning car, but it wasn't practical and it gave me a headache. Just listening to that loud engine all the time.

The Tesla probably isn't as special since they're everywhere now, but they just perform so much better than gas cars. I may have saved myself from a red light ticket if I had a Tesla Model 3, because my M3 lagged very hard when I tried to downshift and speed through a yellow light with cameras. But after so much lag, the car was still in motion and it was too dangerous to stop it, and I missed the yellow light and it turned red for less than half a second. But government don't care, they just want free money, even if I technically didn't run a red light while another side was green.

With Tesla, I can speed through any yellow light and make it with no problem, no need to downshift. And it has autopilot, which means I can chill out on long road trips on the freeway.

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