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DFI-9 05-16-2019 09:22 AM

List of common water leaks?
My first real project for my E39 is to make it waterproof, but I can't find a list of common water leaks...
I've read about doors and sunroof, but I assume there are others.
Current issues:
Water on the back floor Doors
Water getting into my LCM - ?
Having to start in neutral if in heavy rain - ?
Any advice for these issues would be appreciated, but I would love a list of everything I should look into when it comes to waterproofing. Thank you much!

540 M-Sport 05-16-2019 11:12 AM

Another source is water can leak through the tail light gaskets. Usually simply removing the tail lights, clean the back of the lights and the mating surface of the car, and carefully reinstall and snug up the mounting nuts, and all is good. In rare cases, you might have to replace the gaskets. One has to be careful not to overtighten the nuts, being set in plastic, you can break the studs out of the light.

540fan 05-16-2019 01:17 PM

Check sunroof drains and clear them of debris.

Had them plug up on a 745iL and water everywhere inside.

canam8 06-16-2019 08:23 PM

Neutral problem may be your boot on the wiring harness. Mines dry rotted and I was also having issue until I went into a car wash and got the under carriage cleaning and it put my car into limp mode. That's when I found out after looking underneath that my boot looked good at a quick glance but soon as I touched it it crumbled to pieces. I dried the harness and inspected all the wires. Put it back together and used a good silicon and put a thick coat all around it and let the car sit for a couple days. I haven't had any trouble since and that was 8 yrs ago. Still driving the car. It has 475,000 on it

Burning2nd 06-17-2019 02:10 AM

wow! half a million.. Im jealous

MRX9989 06-17-2019 01:33 PM

I had moisture get into my glove box/general module/light control module area through the trunk DME relay box. The box was not completely sealed. The trunk will get moisture if the trunk lid harness gasket is failing.

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