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singlered 09-12-2019 01:38 AM

TRIED EVERYTHING but keyless entry wont work :((
Hi, guys.

I recently bought a beautiful E39 523i, and the first thing i wanted to make work was my keyless entry, and so i scoured this forum to try and make it work, but ive tried every single thing on here to no avail, its driving me crazy. Here are the things ive already done so far in order:

1. Tried reinitializing- key started blinking, but the car didnt respond.
2. Had a second key made- tried initalizing, same result.
3. Had the car scanned, no faults on GM module but
3. Discovered my fuel door actuator was busted, so replaced that right away.
4. plugged in a fresh fuse for fuse 53 and 48- the indicator under the rear view mirror finally lit up after this. proceeded to try reinitializing but still no response from the car.
5. Checked other fuses that could be related such as the immobiliser and central locking fuses in the glove box.

*Car locks and unlocks fine with interior button and manually using the key hole on the drivers side

Any ideas? I'm lost as to what's next because most posters on this forum get their keyless entry system working at this point (replacing fuses). Ive been told that the reciever unit could be at fault?


528iAut 09-12-2019 01:32 PM

If doors do not lock and unlock after initializing you are not doing it right, maybe you have to hold the key closer to the rear view mirror? Rember, first do master key, then the other key, and this second key you do not have to put in the ignition.

QSilver7 09-12-2019 02:15 PM

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Not revealing the actual steps you took to initialize (or post a link to the instructions you followed to initialize the remotes)...does nothing to give us any ideas if there was something skipped or done wrong in your failed attempts to reprogram your remote(s). A lot of people write that they "followed the steps"...only to find out that they actually didn't after being questioned to the actual steps they followed. :)

Remember to not fall into the trap that many fall into and fail:
  1. turn ignition to KL R (aka ignition position 1...position 0, position 2, position 3, or engine running will cause failed programming)
  2. ALL doors MUST BE CLOSED and
...prior to the start of re-initializing the remote.

If everything you've tried so far still doesn't work (you've basically concentrated on the central locking (FZV) may want to start looking at the transmission/receiving side of things. And that would be to make sure that the correct RF (radio frequency) is being sent from your remote key (its either 315 MHz or 433 need to know this to make sure the key and car are able to communicate).

If the correct RF is being transmitted from the remote key...then make sure that the aerial (embedded in the rear windshield) is receiving the signal. There are receiver/amps in both C pillars that will send on the data from the key (FZV & DWA info) up to the GM. When the GM receives this data, then it sends it on to the central locking system (FZV) to lock/unlock the car....and onto the DWA system (to arm/disarm the anti-theft alarm siren system)...and also illuminate or turn off the flashing clown nose (red DWA status LED) located below the rear view mirror.

singlered 09-12-2019 06:50 PM

Hi guys. Im pretty sure i followed the initialization instructions to the t. Doors closed and unlocked, all windows closed, trunk and fuel lid also closed. Clicked the key to the first position, clicked it back and pulled it out, held it out close to the rearview mirror, held unlock and pressed lock thrice. The key blinked afterwards but the car didnt respond. Ive tried it several times, but it just wouldnt work. Im really at wit's end at this point.

All fuses have been checked and all busted ones have been replaced.

Any ideas on what specifically needs to be checked/done kn the recievers?

QSilver7 09-13-2019 10:39 AM

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I'd move on to the receiving side of the system. Start with the connections on the rear windshield to make sure the antennas are sending data to the receivers in the C pillars. For our Touring/SAV/SAC owners...the FZV antenna is located in the left rear cargo window (see diagram below)

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