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wliston86 07-03-2019 03:36 PM

Should I Pull the Trigger on a used 435i Gran Coupe
I've had 2x BMW's a 2008 335i hardtop convertible and a 2008 z4 3.0i roadster.

I recently sold the 335i and am keeping the z4 for a little weekend driver.

What I want to know is what is everyone's thoughts on the BMW 435i Gran Coupe. I test drove one a couple days ago and personally love the look, power, and practicality. I know some people don't like the hatch but I personally like the roof slope that the hatch allows. The one I found is a 2016 Black 435i Gran Coupe RWD w/ the Luxury Pack, Driving Assistance, and Nav. It's got the black leather which means it's black on black with chrome accents and it's got the dark wood grain on the dash/console. It's got the high spoke count 18" wheels which I would probably put winter tires on then buy 19" rims for my summer/performance tires

It has 23,000 miles and is in "like new" condition. It's a one owner car with no accidents, no road chips/rash, and no curb damage. It looks like a soccer mom drove it and garage kept it. The out the door price after tax, title, transfer is just under $29,000. Other then some wheel issues with my 335i both cars have been fantastic. My 335i had just under 150k miles when I sold it and it was still going strong and in reasonibly good shape. I bought them both at the same time used 3-4 model years old just like I plan on doing with this 435i. I don't plan on financing I'm just going to pay cash.

It still has 5 months left on the manufacturers warranty and the dealer is offering a 4 year 48,000 extended warranty for a few bucks per month.

Does anyone have any input on these? Is there any known issues like there was with my 335i? With that car I had the sport package and the wheels were awful w/ fractures which required two replacements.

We also like the m235i but my fiance wants something more practical because she wants a kid in the next 1-2 years and I kind of agree. I figure this 435i is sweet blend of sportiness and practicality.


dzlbimmer 07-03-2019 04:41 PM

That sounds like a reasonable price. I am a big fan of DA+ option, tech package and lighting package (for the us auto high beams as much as the promise of euro anti-dazzle-high-beams). So see if any of those matter to you.

Hookster57 07-04-2019 09:38 AM

Is it black or Carbon Black?
I have a 16í 435i and still love it. It holds an amazing amount of stuff with the seats down.

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Rebound 07-07-2019 04:20 PM

I have a 435i convertible and LOVE it... not as practical, with only two doors, much more limited storage, and itís higher price. But I love it.

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