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siata94 07-08-2019 03:57 PM

aux fan troubleshooting
Heya, first post and of course, I need some help :-)

My aux fan gave up, tested the relays, fuse, jumpered the connector and it wouldn't spin up.

Installed a new VDO fan (fits perfect) and with A/C on, aux fan is on at low speed as expected. However, the aux fan only comes on when the A/C compressor is kicked on. Off otherwise. Is that normal operation or should the aux fan always running with the A/C on (regardless if compressor running or not?).

I cannot get the aux fan to come on its own without turning on the A/C. Going by the ODB2 bluetooth reader using the phone, I get the coolant temp up to 215F (101C) and yet no aux fan. Fan switch must be bad. Next I installed a new aux fan switch, same as stock, 91C and 99C. Still no go. With fan connector jumpered, fan will run at either low or high speed. So my old fan switch may not have been bad...

I'd appreciate any tips. Thanks!

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