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fdeschouwe 12-19-2018 01:50 PM

Pre-Order Process X7
I just wanted to see if there were any other people who are as frustrated with the process as I am.
I found out about the pre-order opportunity somewhere in early October. I made sure I registered within the hour of the online pre-order being available on line the first week of October. Checked in with my dealer but heard nothing back except for " we do not know anything" . At the opening of the LA Motorshow, the online build page became available and so I build mine and forwarded it to my dealer. I asked 1) when will the car be available, 2) what will the car cost, 3) what will the lease structure and monthly payment be. Answer from dealer, wait and see, we do not know anything. Since then, another month has pretty much gone bye and zero information. Rumor has it deliveries will not be until March regardless of when the car was made. And all cars will released the same day.
I am about to go check in with our friends at Range Rover or Mercedes.
This is the most frustrating process ever, after all we are talking give and take a $100K.
Anyone else feels this way?:

cordoor 12-29-2018 09:35 AM

I want one too and now. But it's really early in the process. This might be one of those cases where you're making it hard on yourself. They invited me to the behind-closed-doors viewing several months ago and wanted me to pre-order then, but I haven't even attempted to engage with BMW to order one yet. It's just too early.

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