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Guards Red Car 11-02-2019 03:45 AM

Dynamic Handling Package
The Dynamic Handling package includes Active Comfort Drive (which uses front-facing cameras to read the road and adjust the suspension to suit; it also works to make cornering more effective), rear-wheel steering, M Sport rear limited-slip differential (this item is only available in the xDrive50i) and M Sport brakes

I have ordered my X7 xDrive40i with DHP

I have read as many posts on DHP as I could find

I remain confused about implementation of all of the hardware and capabilities of DHP

Specifically, Is DHP always ON ?

Some posts have stated that DHP only is active if in Navigation mode....
If this IS the case, then, do I have to enter a destination into Navigation EVERY TIME I get in and drive?? What if I merely hit the Map/NAV screen without entering a specific destination...would this activate DHP?

Then, if this is indeed the case (that DHP requires a Navigation destination input), is the package doing anything for me (compared to the standard NON DHP X7's) when not "on" ?

I only use the Vehicle's NAV only about 5% of the time, and I really hope I do not have to set a destination for EVERY ride!

I am pretty sure that OTHER competitors do not require NAV destination input for their systems to be operational (Mercedes Benz GLS and Lincoln Aviator are two examples)

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