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Buddly 03-20-2020 09:06 AM

Continental Tires
I had a great experience with Continental DWS tires on my E39. Are they appropriate for my F25?

arocarty 03-21-2020 06:20 AM

DWS 06 Extreme Contacts - installed 2 yrs ago -have been very happy with them - work very well on the F25 -

scostuart 03-23-2020 02:19 PM

Conti DWS 06 on my previous F31 and current F25.

Great tire.

russwright 04-09-2020 11:55 AM

Had great success with Pirelli P7s on 2017 X3. 48000 miles on factory RFT and now 45000 miles on non-RFT. Have been a fan of Pirelli tires for 40 years and yet to be disappointed.

Autoputzer 04-09-2020 12:22 PM

You'll need a spare tire (or something).

Frau Putzer managed to shred some "green" Michelin MXM4's in 48k miles. There were big chunk of rubber tearing off the tread blocks. After 25k miles of Frau Putzer's abuse, the DWS06's were still in one piece. However, my gripe with the DWS06's and two sets of DW's I've had is that they need a lot of pressure to wear evenly. After 25k miles, at 43 PSI to 44 PSI, Frau Putzer's DWS06's had ~5/32" of tread on the side channels, and ~6.5/32" to ~7/32" of tread in the middle. The DW's on my Cobalt SS need 42 PSI to wear evenly.

I've found that non-run-flat Bridgestone's and Michelin's wear fairly evenly at about four PSI over what BMW calls for on the door jamb decals (for speeds < 100 MPH). So, I only put Bridgestone's or Michelin's on our BMW's now. But, I'm done with Michelin "green" tires.

TK-BMW 04-09-2020 02:01 PM

I have gone between runflat Pirelli P7 and Bridgestone Pole Position RE960 tires on two different X3 models and been pretty happy with both. The Bridgestones seem better to me somehow, both in the ride comfort as well as durability. You'll not get the smoothness of a non-runflat, of course, but lugging around a spare isn't an option for me.

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