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Flying Ace 09-12-2019 01:32 PM

35d oil leak diagnostic
I've had a minor oil leak on my 35d for about a year now. I lose about half a bottle of oil every 3 months. My local BMW dealership started offering a free "visual" inspection. I took the car in for an inspection of the leak and they came back with this "visual diagnostic":

1. Oil leak at turbo charge pipe PN 11617799873

2. Oil leak at oil pan area. Possible leak from oil level sensor gasket PN 12617607910 and PN 07119963151

Now I know there's always a good chance this is a misdiagnosis as this was simply a visual inspection. They pull the bottom cover off, maybe feel around the area of the leak and then estimate where the location of the leaks are.


Issue 1. I think this is pretty straight forward. I'm going to buy a new pipe and the two seals: PN 13718596850 PN 11617796622

Do you think this will likely fix the leak related to the charge pipe? It appears this an intake air pipe to the turbo. How can an air pipe cause an oil leak? I can see the plumbing going to the blow-off-value and the turbine, so it's definitely plumbing for air intake into the turbo. This was the 2nd time they made the same diagnostic. Is this a misdiagnosis and is there anything else I should consider while I'm in the area?

Issue 2. This is the first time this diagnostic came up. I changed my oil 2 weeks ago, and I noticed at the point of the oil pan drain plug, a small flow/drip of oil was pooling on the plug's head. I double checked the drain plug to ensure it was threaded on correctly, and I used the supplied o-ring gasket and torqued it down to spec. So I'm sure the leak is not coming from the plug.

So I'm thinking of buying all the bolt, gasket and nut related to the sensor in addition to the sensor itself. #2, #18, #19.

Do you think it's overkill to buy the sensor, as I should replace the gasket first? If i pull the sensor out, does that mean the entire oil pan will drain, i.e. I'm effectively changing the oil?
Also, BMW identified gasket -151 as part of the diagnostic. On the diagram, I cannot tell where this gasket goes and it's not apparently related to the sensor's mounting position. Where does this gasket go, how many are there?

thanks in advance!

sunny_j 09-12-2019 03:21 PM

the oil coming from the charge pipe is blow by from the turbo and it's normal. mine was leaking so bad I was loosing 3psi of boost. What I did was I took ATM's 335 charge pipe and only used the turbo and intercooler connectors.Then I cut off the factory connectors and used ATM fittings and cut down the orange boost pipe to fit

I would also change this gasket because it tends to leak 13717799839

for #2 I would start by changing the gasket

smassey321 09-12-2019 03:30 PM

For the charge pipe, you can just change the o-rings. The new style pipes rarely go bad (with stock boost). But the o rings do fail and make a mess. Removing the pipe is not super easy. I removed my inter-cooler to better access. It is then challenging to get the connectors to click back into place. Pull on them to make sure they are fully seated.

I don't think the charge pipe can leak a half a quart over 3 months. But a leaking sensor gasket could. And yes, removing the sensor will require draining the oil.

sunny_j 09-12-2019 03:33 PM

^^ I was replacing o rings every 8 months or so. then again I was pushing over 35 psi of boost after deleting

Flying Ace 09-12-2019 03:55 PM

thanks guys.

I'm thinking about not changing the pipe of the fittings in #1. I agree that oil blow off from the turbo won't pool oil onto the pan. It'll splatter on the underbelly cover. I wiped the belly cover's top side, and while it was greasy, it's dried oil, meaning it's not a significant leak. I'll just chalk this up as part of a turbo car ownership.

Regarding #2, if I'm pulling the sensor to get to the gasket, I'm dumping the entire 7.5 bottles of oil out of the pan. That's about $56 of oil. I feel like if it's truly the area of the leak, shouldn't I just change the sensor too?

smassey321 09-12-2019 04:25 PM

You could catch the oil in a clean pan and then add it back to the engine.

Flying Ace 12-02-2019 12:21 PM

Hi, as an update for those who will be reading this in the future....

I elected to change the oil level sensor and gasket. It was the source of my "major" leak. It solved the problem. No more leaks! I also confirm, most of the oil got dumped out as part of the swap. I think about 1 bottle of oil remained, so I was able to save a bit on that.

Doug Huffman 12-02-2019 12:28 PM

Did the " always note PuMA measure 29604954" affect your sensor replacement?

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