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insound 06-02-2017 03:28 PM

The reaction time with your foot poised over the brake pedal is a little faster- and therefore safer-than moving your foot from gas to brake. i have no problem driving either of our cars - the 128i auto and the CX-5 manual. Very easy to instantly adapt - since the left foot in both cars is always brake, and occasionally clutch, but the right foot is always gas. Unless we experience USA again in which case both feet are on the brake. 2 feet on the brake is what saved us from hitting a fence the last time USA occurred.

Nimefax 12-07-2019 11:14 PM


Originally Posted by knoxvolgirl (Post 6937190)
I just purchased a beautiful 2013 silver x3 35i m sport last weekend. It's gorgeous. It now has about 140 miles on it. Twice when breaking slowly (in a parting lot) to stop, the car/engine has continued to try to accelerate. To the point I was basically standing on the break and it was still creeping forward. The first time, to avoid crashing into the building in front to me, I punched the start/stop button to turn the car off. The second time, the car moved forward to where I had to pull into traffic quite dangerously. The floor mat was not obstructing the gas pedal etc. so that's not an issue. The dealer now has it back to investigate. Any thoughts? Never experienced anything like this before. Thanks.

I just found this thread 7 years later, I have a BMW 118i f20 with the N13 engine (1.6 twin scroll turbo) and this has happened to my car since day one. When I'm slowing down for a stop light the car suddenly wants to accelerate, one second acelerates and the other the revs die and does it several times. Sometimes I just put it in neutral and I can see the revs go +500 rpm and then go down. This is a serious problem and has nothing to do with the shoes or how people drive!

pungo 12-08-2019 02:33 PM


Originally Posted by lbjgh (Post 10182585)
If you are driving with your left foot on the brake you don't know how to drive.

I agree that is an ignorant statement.

When driving an automatic in traffic, I drive with 2 feet, my left foot hovering over the brake pedal. I guarantee, in an emergency braking situation, I will be able to brake faster than you if you're only using 1 foot. If you don't have great coordination you should stick to using 1 foot, but for those of us that are good using 2 feet, we do know how to drive. Been driving with 2 feet for 45 years in a metropolitan area without issue and it has saved me many times. I have 3 vehicles to automatics and 2 vehicles with a stick and don't have any problem switching between them.

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