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Doug Huffman 05-22-2019 05:31 PM

New tires impact on fuel mileage.
8,000 miles ago in October 2018 I preemptively replaced Stone Bridges Dueler RFT with NOKIAN WR G3 SUV RFTs.

The drive down to the dealer for the replacement on marginal CPO OE was more exciting that it should have been, for the slushy roads on no-season treads.

BC Fuel mileage instantly showed a big hit, but it was winter, cold, on snowy slushy roads, so that was not unreasonable.

Then, in March, off to South Carolina and Florida for early ‘bicycling’. Mileage was worrisome for two months, but the X5 was seldom clean with ‘bicycles’ in the wind and the wind was often near 100 MPH battling the Yankee road-hogs. By the time I got home two or three thousand miles later, I was used to seeing 21 MPG, and starting to plan on an alignment.

Today I did a 250 mile shopping trip at ~60°F and saw 32.2 MPG BC, perhaps the highest in my experience with this car. So, I’ll get an alignment check, but when it is convenient, now that it is not urgent.

The NOKIANS are much much quieter! Due I expect to the heavy siping of the snow pattern tread. We’ll see what is the fatigue life of the siping.

luigi524td 05-22-2019 05:48 PM

Did you reverse the airfoils on your W/S wipers to reduce drag? I've done that and when driving at 57.85MPH this simple hack increased my highway MPG by 26.35% :rofl:

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