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Milam 01-19-2020 08:29 AM

Fixing Blind Spot Problems
I have a 2018 X5 with Blind Spot.
The indicator is hard to see at times.


Help Appreciated: I am thinking of ordering the 2019 mirrors for the X5. These are much brighter Blind Spot, plus much easier to see.

The 2019 works much better than 2018.

Any suggestions?

My 2nd Generation Nissan Leaf has a better Blind Spot than the 2018 X5.
The 2019 is much easier to see and interpret.

Am I an idiot?
Trying too hard.

Do they evern fit?

QSilver7 01-19-2020 12:47 PM

If you were to look up the part number for the newer mirror glass used on the G chassis X series...then use the part number search on those part database'd see that only the G models are listed. This means that there is something different going on and will not be a plug-n-play swap.

First, the location of the blind spot indicator on the F15 is closer to the driver and they're peripheral well as being located on the base of the mirror. That means that's were the wiring goes. On the G chassis BMWs that have the blind spot indicator moved further away from the driver and is embedded in the mirror glass...means that the wiring will need to go to the mirror glass.

If you flip the mirror glass over to look at its electrical'll need to determine how to get the wiring from the F15's location to the location to power the indicator in the G05's mirror glass. It's not that its impossible since the mirror glass is the same shape...and if you don't have the blind spot feature...the mirror glass is the same part number (#1 & #5 in the diagram). But if you want to install the #2 & #6 mirror'll need to work out the electrical wiring:

Milam 01-19-2020 06:36 PM


Thank you very much.
I have a friend who is a pretty decent mechanic.
I will send this to him.
I will let you know how it went.

The 2019 was brighter and much easier to see than my 2018.

This BMW is not leased.

/s/ Tom MIlam, Jr.
[email protected]

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