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EnserioJose 01-13-2012 10:32 AM

Help me spend money
Last weekend I took a trip to Brown County, Indiana. It's the best place to find any road with curves and elevation change. I fell in love with my car in the twisties. I can't wait until i can go back and smile at all the 25 mph curved road signs.

On to the real business. My car will be sitting for about a month so its time for maintenance and upgrades. I've got a fuel filter, brake light circuit, and cabin filter waiting to be installed. I want to do a full cooling system overhaul. I've got ecs's refresh kit #2 and the mishimoto rad in the cart. Any thoughts on what else I should include? Mounts? mish aluminum fan and shroud?

Any other maintenance/upgrade ideas are greatly appreciated.

Note: front suspension was redone 10k ago, new rear springs 2k ago. RSMs and rtabs have a couple more thousand miles left.

ZeGerman 01-13-2012 10:55 AM

A cooling system overhaul should include the following:

- Radiator
- Expansion tank
- Expansion tank cap
- Bleeder screw (get a brass one from Pelican Parts)
- Water pump
- Thermostat
- Thermostat housing (get an aluminum one)
- Fan
- Upper and lower radiator hoses
- Belts

You probably don't need new radiator mounts. Always use a fan shroud. Otherwise, when is the last time you flushed your:

- Brake fluid
- Trans fluid
- Differential fluid
- Power steering fluid (actually is ATF)

RhymeGrime 01-13-2012 01:30 PM

ZeGerman covered it all, just wanted to chime in on the radiator mounts. I just did my system last week, and I did not need the lower brackets (bought them anyway), but I would definitely order the rubber mount the radiator sits on. You don't need to replace the rubber isolators on top.

On top of the radiator lower mounts, I would order the upper plastic clips that lock the radiator in. Not that the old ones can't be used, but they do become brittle over time and break up a little. The Mishimoto radiator also has BIGGER slots for the rubber isolators on top, using the rubber isolators and pushing in the clips will still not be snug enough, you will need to insert a little bit of cardboard on the front side of the slot (on the side opposite of the engine.)

Might be confusing (but easy), but you will definitely see what I'm talking about when you put the isolators into the radiator. The stock shroud has these little mounting points for the stock radiator (when you take the old radiator out you'll see its attached to the shroud with these 2 push clips), on the mishimoto they are not useable. You'll just have to find a screw or bolt that will tighten up the shroud to the radiator. Make sure that shroud is very solid when you finish the work!

Good luck.

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