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LookImKeven 04-03-2015 12:59 PM

What to look for when buying?
Hello there,
I've been looking for a BMW 325ix, and I've contacted a few owners in my area. I would like to know what should I be looking at when inspecting the car at first? I've been told to check for major rust patches, any broken parts. Also, what should I be asking the owner of the vehicle? I've also been told to ask for the VIN, any accidents? Any reparations? Factory paint? That's pretty much all my knowledge on the subject.
Also, when once I become a proud owner of one, I'm trying to make it a casual-drive car with some modifications, not to rice the car tho :/. Just some performance tweeks, I've been thinking on adding a performance chip, changing the tires, suspension? What else could I add to the list?
Also my budget is about 15k-17k.

Thank you for the responses :) Have a good day :D
(Sorry for bad English)
Cheers from Montreal, Canada!

LookImKeven 04-03-2015 01:11 PM

Also forgot to add the 15k is not in the purchase price. The cars price varry between 5-7.9k.
So I have in total 25k to put on the car

7pilot 04-07-2015 10:38 PM

First you locate the relevant sub forum.
Then, since you're looking at buying an old car...
1, decide if you are committed enough to either spend lots of money on maintenance and repairs via a mechanic,
2, work on it yourself whilst filtering thru advice and opinion via the web ;)

first problem is that these cars are old and worn out.
second problem is that they rust enthusiastically, especially around the rear.
they will rust where there has been body damage repairs.
look for rust in the door jambs, the front cowl, and the rocker panels.. where there is rust, there usually is more hidden.(like Mice)
the engine is strong and usually problem free if maintenance has been regular.
achillies heel is the timing belt.
They seem to change hands once there are problems with the front differential.
Manual transmissions are much more reliable than the Auto.
Look beneath the steering wheel knee panel.
If there are a lot of loose wires or a nest of wires, walk away.


LookImKeven 04-08-2015 08:55 AM

Sorry for posting in the wrong section :S
Which section should I post about buying old vehicles in the futur?
Thank you so much for the help, and yes I am willing to both work on it and send it to the mechanic for heavy repairs (If needed)

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