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bwilson4web 08-21-2019 06:40 AM

Backup BMW i3-REx, Tesla, and folding mirrors

We have a 2014 BMW i3-REx, 40k miles, as backup for our Tesla Standard Range Plus Model 3. It has been the perfect trainer for our Tesla: one pedal driving; dynamic cruise control; front-rear sensors; efficient EV driving, and; trip planning on a 2 gal tank. Most important, I'd stopped driving our Prius Prime because the i3 was so much more fun to drive. We got $18.3k trade-in on the Prime to buy the Tesla. Just background for my questions.

Every two months I take the i3 out: wipe off the brake surface rust, cycle-charge the traction battery, air the tires, run the engine, give the 12V a charge, wash off the tree sap, vacuum the leaves, and make sure everything is working. When I got in, there was a warning about a low 12V battery that cleared by the time I got on the street. The car is parked on the driveway with the BMW cover. Regardless, I parked it with 80% charge but noticed the manual says to fully charge the traction battery and the EVSE plugged in.

Any thoughts about storing the traction battery with 80% vs 100% SOC?

Past experience showed the EVSE plug are subject to weather damage so I'll just add charge using my 24 ft. J1772 extension as needed in dry weather. I prefer to keep the charge port cover closed to minimize accumulating leaves, pine needles, and other debris.

Has anyone used a solar, 12V panel to tickle charge the 12V battery? No big deal, I'll have to connect directly to the 12V battery.

Some things the Tesla does automatically are manual on the BMW i3-REx. Walking away from the Tesla, it automatically locks the doors and folds the mirrors. Per the manual, I just used the BMW App to lock the BMW and hopefully fold the mirrors.

There is no lane keeping with BMW dynamic cruise control whereas the Model 3 AutoPilot does both. By a mile down the road, BMW driving was back to normal. But I transferred one Tesla habit, reaching the posted speed limit first.

Missing from the Tesla is reading the speed signs. Tesla uses Google map for street speeds which fails when approaching construction zones or areas with different posted speeds.

Bob Wilson

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