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Chaudharynn 10-28-2017 10:05 PM

06 BMW 330i Stalling when stopped, Fluctuating RPMs,Car Jerk/Misfire between 1-2 RPM
So, i recently bought a 2006 bmw 330i from an auction, i drove it for two
straight hours from the auction to my house. The next day i get back to it and
drive it to the gas station to fill up and it stalled twice and the SES light came
on and it was hard to turn back on, i thought it may have been low on fuel so
filled it up brought it back home and later that night took the car to drive in the
neighborhood to see if it happpens again and it did only this time it would not
turn on so after trying for 20 minutes to turn it on i gave up and walked back
home. Next day went and jumped the battery and it started so i got the battery
replaced from a friend and the took it to a guy who works only on Bmw to
reprogram the battery, and he saw some of the vaccum pipes were not tight
and he tightened it for me and we both hoped that was the problem but nope
still the same problem and took it to another bmw mechanic to see and he
found no codes or problems either and as of today its still stalling, What I have
noticed is that the RPMs fluctuate between 1 and 0 and it shakes a little bit
also between 1 and 2 RPM the car jerks/misfires and when it drops to about half
way the SES sign comes back on and the car restarts easily now after the new battery.
But the car doesn't stall every time sometimes it drives fine so i have no clue and
dont have a lot more money to spend on it.

CALWATERBOY DUE 10-28-2017 10:10 PM


Originally Posted by Chaudharynn (Post 11390961)
Car Jerk/Misfire between 1-2 RPM

It that first turn of the crankshaft that gets me too....I always have to rev way above 2 rpm before it's keep turning.

A little more seriously: [click me] -- whatcha got? See, need data to help you.

Chaudharynn 11-03-2017 06:09 PM

I took the car to a bmw mechanic and he kept it for 2 days and found out there was a "electrical problem" the codes were only for a misfire in Cylinder 5, as i was bringing the car back the car didn't start at first so he had to jump it but the battery was only a week old and he said he didn't touch the battery, he just scanned it, and after starting it the SES was on whether the car stalled or not, before it only came on when the car stalled but i brought it back home and it was still stalling, misfiring, and now the next day i took the car to the gas station right down the street and as i was almost pulled up all the signs came on and the "brake" light was changing colors so i decided not to turn the car off and turn around and go home as i was pulling in the car starting hesitating and turned off and now it wont turn on. If i jump it, it'll probably turn on but i don't understand it the battery is just a week old. What do you think the problem might be? Could it be related to this new recall?

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