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Cooperalson 06-09-2018 11:31 AM

Switching From Nav To Base Radio
Recently picked up an 03 Z4 3.0I for the wife (and occasionally me heh). The previous owner bought it with the nav screen broken so he replaced the screen out with a garmin gps. Down side is i do not have any control over audio or anything. Running the Vin shows i have the DSP package or w.e and how we both would like to get an aftermarket stero in place we dont want to throw down 1k$ just for bew speakers. So for the time being i had the idea of getting a different head unit than the nav so we can actually control the radio, audio adjustments and the what not. Would the same year or any 03-06 head unit be plug-n-play?

Cooperalson 04-14-2019 01:17 PM

Getting the z4 back next week from the divorce. Hopefully it's not damage to bad. No one answered this post before and it still stands. Anyone have some insight? Previous owner pretty much destroyed old Nav screen and just need some tunes.

filtercoffee 04-14-2019 09:28 PM

Sorry no insight, but if you're considering fixing your nav as an option, consider one of these posts or similar -

KevinC 04-15-2019 10:38 AM

If it were me, I'd rip the old nav screen housing out of the dash and fashion some kind of cover plate to cover the hole, then take it to an upholstery shop and get the dash done in leather - probably wouldn't be all that expensive. If that were prohibitively costly, then I'd just get one of those "dash mat" things that are custom-fitted for the car. Then source a base Business CD head unit off Ebay on the cheap, code the car accordingly, and drive happy without that abomination sticking up out of the dash.

rmjames007 04-17-2019 02:07 PM

Your better off spending the 1-2K for an all new unit and harness than trying to get a 500 dollar OEM unit on EBAY

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