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BenBimmerman 05-16-2019 10:19 AM

e34 AC refuses to turn on!
Good morning,

It's is a sizziling 90*F outside right now and I am dying in my e34. I bought the car and had it shipped here from California back in October, so I never used the AC and just assumed it would work. Well, for some reason the AC just refuses to turn on. When I hit the AC button no light comes on and the air (even turned all the way on and cold) comes out the ambient temp.

I thought it might be low on AC Freon, so I tried to add some more. However, the gage was reading that the freon was full (and moved down when the AC compresser turned off). I should add that yes, the fan on the front of the condenser IS operating, and the blower motor appears to be blowing the air just fine.

I love this car and I love driving it, but the heat just kills me. Any help at all would be GREATLY appreciated!

BenBimmerman 05-16-2019 10:41 AM

Looks like recirculating air is not turning on either (bottom button), but the defrost button is working just fine (top).

south26 05-16-2019 07:54 PM

Bad switch? I have a few


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