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Seizy 05-16-2019 11:10 AM

Hey, I recently bought a 530d E60 2007 and last week the ASC and ABS lights lit up as well as the servo stopped working, every time I turn the car off and start it up again everything works fine until I've driven it for a couple of minutes then it all comes back, servo failure and both lights come back.

I tried looking it up on google and only found that the ABS sensor might be the problem. I cleaned all ABS sensors but no luck. Plugged in an OBD reader but couldn't get it to read the active steering, in the ABS/DSC section the only error code was "DSC: road speed general"
I also looked at each wheels speed while driving and all 4 were giving the same speed.

From my understanding while trying to look this problem up google the ASC, ABS and DSC is connectes somehow? If something fails in one of the components all of the lights light up?
Sorry if there is a ton of posts about the same problem but I have spent hours trying to find a solution, I'd rather post here and hope someone knows what might cause it instead of leaving it to a shop that will cost me hundreds for what might be an easy fix I can do myself.

southcoastguy 05-16-2019 12:30 PM

Try posting this in the diesel subforum.

wcr3d 05-16-2019 12:52 PM

You start with the error codes and your generic obd reader is not good enough.
You need something that can specifically read BMW codes.
Generic readers give generic codes.

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