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cinergi 06-10-2019 10:25 AM

Bimmercode vs Carly - my experience

I've used both Bimmercode and Carly, so I thought I'd provide my experience in case it helps someone trying to choose between them (as I was).

I first tried Carly on iOS, which requires buying their proprietary v2.0 Wi-Fi adapter. I often had connection problems to my F10: the app indicated "Connection successful, but the engine did not respond" (paraphrasing) with the recommendation to try connecting with the engine turned on. However, the engine was already on. I tried with it on or off, same result. I also tried unplugging and reconnecting the adapter and restarting my iPhone XS. Due to this issue, the app claimed that the connection quality was insufficient for coding; I could use the other features of the app like viewing & clearing error codes, but no coding. This is using the latest flagship iPhone XS, so it's not like the CPU can't keep up with the required coding speed or anything like that.

Once in a while (rarely), the connection would suddenly work properly with no message that the engine did not respond. This happened seemingly at random. In these rare cases, I was able to code successfully and the app worked as expected.

Given the above issues, I then tried Bimmercode. What a difference! It worked every time for me; never had any connection issues. Furthermore (this is a huge plus), Bimmercode's Expert Mode allows access to any coding parameter that is supported by the ECUs - not just those that Carly decides to make available for coding. This is a lot more flexibility. Furthermore, with Bimmercode it's possible to use any of the recommended adapters, which are non-proprietary and can therefore also be used with other generic OBD2 apps for other vehicles (I used mine with my Volvo XC90, for example). The Carly v2.0 iOS Wi-Fi adapter can only be used with Carly and no other apps, according to their FAQs. I chose a Veepeak OBDCheck BLE+ for Bimmercode, which was less than half the price of the Carly adapter and works with both iOS and Android (and other OBD2 apps as noted).

Bimmercode can't read/clear error codes or perform other functions like battery registration. However, the same developer also offers another app, Bimmerlink, that does have these features. The combined price of these two apps is approximately the same as the Carly app. Also, the Carly price is for an annual subscription whereas I believe Bimmercode and Bimmerlink are one-time only (not sure, but I think so).

From what I can see, the only function that Carly can accomplish that Bimmercode + Bimmerlink can't is to reset the transmission adaptations, which is not something I've ever needed to do anyway.

In conclusion, for my use cases, Bimmercode + Bimmerlink is the clear winner. I'm not affiliated with either app and have nothing to gain from either, just posting my own experience in case it helps someone to avoid a lot of wasted time and headaches.


Jaffa182 06-14-2019 03:55 AM

I've used Bimmercode since I bought my car last year and I've had no problems at all with it! I would also recommend it over the carly app.

rajens00 06-22-2019 07:15 AM

Carly is terrible
In my case Carly Connected is a complete fraud and a scam. Their website makes false claims about features and car models that their adapter and app support. They simply refuse to support their product. I've emailed them a dozen times and the only response I receive is that they are busy and will get back to me and then don't. There is no other way to contact them. This is not a reputable company.

cinergi 06-22-2019 01:34 PM

By contrast, I emailed Bimmercode to request a new feature and the lead developer replied within a few hours and said he would add the feature in a future release.


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