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joep419 03-20-2020 07:47 AM

F15/G05 Winter mats
Currently driving a 2017 F15 that is going back on lease in the next few weeks, just wondering if the winter mats (bought from the dealer) from an F15 will fit on 2020 G05. Don't feel like spending $300+/- on new winter mats

QSilver7 03-22-2020 06:37 AM

I recommend going to your local BMW dealership and doing a test fit (take pics if possible)...then report back your findings.

In past threads (over multiple decades) where this question has been asked if floor mats from a previous generation fit on the new every case that I'm familiar with the answer is no. The floor pan usually has some slightly different or sometimes major design difference so the mats never fit exactly or precisely. But if you're not that particular...sometimes they still can lay in place...but just not fit perfectly like the mats specifically designed for each generation/model is designed to do. And the precision can vary depending on location (driver/front passenger/rear passenger).

jadnashuanh 03-22-2020 02:57 PM

When it comes to aftermarket ones like what Weathertec produces, even in the same model GT, going from the 550 to the 535, the mats didn't fit on the driver's side. The transmission tunnel has a slightly different shape, and on mine, it would not sit flat. THe OEM ones fit either version, but they don't fit as tight as the Weathertec ones did. Going from one year to the next with an updated chassis, lots of luck. Doesn't hurt to try, though!

BenF12400 03-23-2020 06:39 AM

Just an FYI - purchased OEM BMW X5 floor mats (black rubber) from an online dealer (?Shomo?) for much less than weathertech and much less than local dealer. Weathertech cargo liner (rubber) from my 2013 X5 fit the 2020 perfectly; BMW front and rear rubber mats (OEM) did not.

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