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Wipers Won't Park.

Wouldn't you know it. The one day in almost a month that it snows, my wipers decide to start acting up. They seemed to be working fine on high and low speeds, but on delay, they would cycle down to the park position, but then bounce back up about an inch. The same when I turned them off. I decided on starting with the relay, which is in the control box in the engine compartment. Right hand rear corner, underneath the passenger cabin filter plenum. The same one that houses the ECM. A little dissassembly later ( 5mm allen key & a small flat blade screw driver) and I had it in my hand. The contacts looked good, as well as the sockets it plugged into (no corrosion or loose wires), so now what? I put it back in, but still no good. "I wonder if you can get the cover to come off?" With a little persuasion, yes. Inside I found a printed circuit board and two relay coils, each with multiple contactors. The set on the plug end of the relay looked quite pitted, so I gave them a bit of a touch up with an ignition file. One was pitted quite deeply and required a bit of solder and a bit more filing, but after a bit, they all looked quite good. I actually had to dissassemble the contactor slightly to gain easier access for my soldering iron. It made the filing easier too. Just watch for the tiny angel hair wires going to the coils. A few sprays with electrical contact cleaner, and I popped it back together......... Make sure you watch how the internals are oriented into the cover. There is a set of grooves that the printed circuit card slides in. I popped the relay back in, and Presto!!!!. Good as new. Of course, you could just buy a new relay.

It looked like the gasket in the lid was less than perfect, so I decided to use some dielectric grease to help seal out any moisture. Another thing to watch on the assembly is to make sure the cabin filter plenum fits under and behind the lip of the drainage trough that runs across the bottem of the windshield as shown in the last picture. Mine must have been assembled incorrectly at on time, because the lid screw under that corner was rusty, and the inside of the control module box had signs of water leakage. I don't think you can get a new gasket for the lid, but the seal material looks alot like the piping used to secure household window screen into it's frame. I didn't have any handy, so I opted for the dielectric grease instead.

To see the pictures of this adventure, go here :
I tried to upload them to this thread, but it wouldn't let me.
Good luck!

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