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Originally Posted by Marik View Post
white smok coming out of tale pipe.
A white smock coming out of the "tale" pipe?

That means your engine is telling you that you have a left-over Halloween ghost that needs to be exorcised by speaking tall tales in German!

Or, maybe it's this (which I found by using the search button for "E39 white smoke"):
- white exhaust smoke, by titoe39
- White smoke at start-up and odd overheating issue, by nwiles
- E39 523i billowing white smoke, by BMW Cruisin
- smokey exhaust help !!, by 0151partymart
- Valve gasket oil leak E39, by dziesieczloty
- 540i white smoke from exhaust?, by bains540
- Is my head gasket blown on my 540i, by bains540
- etc.

Of course, google has a ton of articles about "white exhaust smoke".

Here's just one which explains the difference between the colors of the smoke:
- Addressing Auto Problems: Finding out what your vehicle smoke signals

Since there wasn't anything about "white smoke" on the bestlinks thread, I'd like to ask you to read those threads (I didn't read them) and let us know if any are useful and worth putting in the bestlinks thread for the NEXT person who has a white smoke coming out of their E39 exhaust (aka tail) pipes.

The threads above you find useful, I'll add to the bestlinks thread for future reference.

Good luck,

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