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Originally Posted by Psypriest View Post
I cant work on cars because I have no idea at all about any thing except which is what like a radiator and an engine
I don't know how to put this nicely. I really don't. But suffice to say, what I say next is an "attempt" at being nice and being helpful at the same time.

First off, if I was your parent, I'd tell you that you CAN fix your own car. In fact, if I cared at all about you, I'd say you SHOULD work on your car. And, if you're low on cash, I'd say you MUST work on your car.

Furthermore, I'd have a few things to tell you about your "attitude" that you "CAN'T" work on your car. Who "can't" work on their car? A paraplegic probably would have a tough time being a mechanic; if you suffer from Downs syndrome, you're likely not able to work on your car; if your IQ is below 80 (or whatever), you're likely not very able to fix your car ... (although I wonder even about that as there are plenty of folks who "fix" their car by throwing parts at it).

You have to do SOMETHING. No matter what you do, it will COST something and it will take TIME. That's a given.

If you drop it off at a mechanic, it will cost a lot and take a decent amount of time (given that yours not the only vehicle in his queue). If you do it yourself, the time will be 'about' the same as with a mechanic (elapsed time) and the cost will be about half (over time) that of a mechanic, including tools purchases.

Nobody is born knowing about engines. It's just not in our genetic makeup (not yet, anyway). So, unless you're thousands of years into the future, you start off exactly the same as the rest of us. (I knew NOTHING of BMWs and not a whole lot about engines before I bought this bimmer and I've been FORCED into knowing all there is that I need to know about 'em simply by keeping my mind open).

So, if you were MY kid, I'd have you out there in a jiffy, opening the hood, looking at what's wrong, searching for the DIY on that particular part, and, one by one, fixing it for half the cost of sending it out.

Either that, or I'd have you make an estimate of the costs and an estimate of the sales price as is ... and you cut your losses.

Seems to me, those are your only choices anyway. Unless you think a losing battle with the mechanic is worth the effort.

Please. Never ever say again you "can't work" on your car! It hurts me to think there are people who are that defeatist out there, giving up even before they started trying.
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