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Originally Posted by Brandon540/6M View Post
what was the final determined size from a hardware store again?
It's in the thread above (which is why nobody answered this).

BTW, today, someone in the E46 team (same engine as our E39 M54) accidentally put the intake manifold air temperature sensor into the lower hose coolant temperature sensor slot.

Predictably, it lasted only about 4 months before it blew out (causing grill damage) because it doesn't clip in the same.

Let's not make the same mistake!

Details here:
- E46 (1999 - 2006) > Damnit...I was driving and my air charge temp sensor "exploded"

Originally Posted by Spikes007 View Post
Ok so this morning (10minutes ago), I was going to work when all of a sudden I started smelling coolant. At first I thought it was the car in front of me, but a few seconds later a lot of white smoke were coming out of my hood...F**k. Because of the traffic, I had to drive for about another 1-2minutes to found a safe place to park. So anyway, I opened the hood. Coolant EVERYWHERE. It was obvious that it was coming from a hose and it wasn't a small leak. I start checking when I found that my air temp sensor (this) wasn't at its place anymore.

The sensor isn't damaged but the plastic grill around it is a little messed up. I have to buy a new one. But still, how the heck this can happen? I know I changed it about 4 months ago, but I don't remember how to put it. I mean is just sliding in the hole in the hose? I thought I had to turn it to lock it in position but it seems that it doesn't move. Anyway I am glade that I had premixed coolant in my trunk and it was only that, but still I want to know how this can happen. I was on idle so the pressure of the coolant should not have been that important to make it pop.

After 5 minutes I was back on the road and not even late for work.
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