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Car Getting "Fixed"

Originally Posted by garrett4g View Post
Dropped my car off at BMW for its Oil Consumption Test. They basically checked everything out, verified no leaks, verified no smoke blowing out of tail pipes, changed my battery, and flashed my car with the most current software. Everything showed fine.
They measured the amount of oil in my car and put seals on the oil fill cap and drain plug. I am now tasked with driving 1,000 miles and then bringing it back so they can re-measure the oil. BMW will then determine if my car is in spec or out of spec and if I qualify for a new engine or not.

Not exactly what I wanted because I have a 2010 750i with 106,000 miles on it and I am responsible for 70% of the cost (i think), and I don't really want to sink that munch money back into her. I was hoping they would find a problem they can actually fix!

One thing I do know is I measure my oil consumption by recording the miles I add 1 quart of oil, every time the low oil light goes on. The last quart was 675 miles and the one before was 740 miles. Point is, my car drinks oil so I think I know where the test results are headed.
Well, results are back from the oil consumption test. She burns oil. I estimate she burned about 1.5 - 1.75 quarts during my 1,000 mile oil consumption test. BMW is going to try to fix the engine as opposed to replacing it. They are replacing all seals (valve guide, rear main, head gasket, and whatever other seals exist). I'm also getting new turbo oil and coolant lines. I'm now at 107,000 miles but had the valve guide seals replaced at about 40,000 miles. Service adviser said there is now a "version 2" seal that is suppose to work better. They have been working on the car for nearly 2 weeks now and say they may need another week.

Things to note:
1) BMW was paying labor if I wanted to replace any other preventative parts to the engine while it was apart and out. SO, I'm replacing the other 2 coolant hoses, at a parts only price. I needed plugs and coils at my mileage anyways so they are doing that too, at a parts only price.

2) The simple fact that there is now Version 2 valve guide seals is alarming. In my mind, anyone who actually paid for Version 1 should have a claim or argument against BMW as by definition, Version 1 didn't work if they now have Version 2. Food for thought....

3) I was wondering why they are trying to fix as opposed to replace. Thoughts: a) The engines have a very long lead time as explained on this forum. b) My engine has 107,000 miles which means they likely don't want to rebuild it so it has no value to BMW. c) I'm happy because I wouldn't want to pay the 70% or 80% of the replacement for a 9 year old car with 107,000 miles on it.

More to come when I get her back.

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