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where da clutch at ?
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LOL, you mean I'm turning into my dad

Ordinarily I would agree with you.

Have been a DJ for.... I don't know how long. Though TBH,
not been doing any B&B stuff, such as weddings barmitz;s etc
more a retro DJ, (as that's the scene I'm into) the odd family party,
but since, car accident, difficult to lug gear around, so I indulge my passion
as a radio host.

But still the last , oh 5-10 years, I've had to get "current" dance stuff in, and for the most part it works, gets the crowd up, but the last few years, the stuff coming out has been bad.
very rarely did you have a "Clean" version, just looked up the top 10, pretty much every track has a clean version.

Was used to that with hip-hop, but mainstream ?

Seems to make it now, you gotta dress like a ****/hooker, wear your pants 10" under your butt, and use a cuss word every other verse.

There are some great bands and great music, but nothing you would see in a top 10 lineup and mainstream, pity that.

But yeah dude maybe your right to an extent

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You're getting old. Your parents though the same when you were young.
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