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Growing up in the '60s and '70s, I say they are the best. Yesterday, I pull out the top 300 songs on CDs my daughter made for me a long time ago. I sampled them in my car in the garage, alone. I love them, the Beatles, Temptations, aretha franklin, elton john, jimi hendrix, eagles, temptation, diana ross, joan baez, four tops, simon and garfunkel, beach boys, Led Zeppelin, bob dylan, just to name a few. Most of the songs during that period were relationship and girl friends-wanting one or losing one. Love, rejections, disappointments, failures, loneliness, and sadness were the lyrics. Yes, the drug scenes in Jefferson Airplane White Rabbit and Iron Butterfly In a gadda da vida, that lasted slightly over 17 minutes long. No one used a gun to resolved their problems back then. They used drugs. They listen to the music. eleanor rigby was sad nobody that nobody came to her funeral, in the year 2525 devastation of the human race, don mclean bye bye american pie, Born To Be Wild-Steppenwolf, and can aretha franklin sing! Today, we get hip hop with heavy metal and rap metal, all about killing, bullet in the head, undead, bomb, and murder. The sign of the time.
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