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Originally Posted by jjrandorin View Post
I am fairly certain I am the one who shared the original information last year about the changes in lease buyout here on Bimmerfest. I had the actual dealer facing bulletin sent to me (the entire thing) by a friendly BMW Sales Manager. I only posted excerpts from it here... the parts that were relevant to us as purchasers, not the dealer facing explanations.

The policy MAY have changed, but if so, it was in place at least until January of this year when I turned in my wifes X5 and got her a X3.

One thing to remember is, BMW can not prevent the person from buying their car. They chargeback the DEALER. So, of course BMW FS is going to say "the dealer is free to do with whatever they want with the car"... because thats the truth. If the dealer was found to have marked down the car to the original owner, they would be charged "the stated residual + 500". They are not "prevented" from doing so. It just makes zero sense for them to sell a car at less than its stated residual, and risk that penalty. A person can pay stated residual to the dealer instead of BMW FS (maybe the dealer can help them find better firnancing, or maybe they are bundling it with extended warranty they want to finance etc.

There are reasons why someone might still buy from the dealer, even if the price is the same as through BMW FS. BMW FS is not wrong however... the dealer is free to do whatever they want... they are their own entity after all. If they want to lose that money its on them.

BMW FS is not going to tell ANYONE that "the dealer cant do that for you". They are always going to say "talk to your dealer" unless its about the terms of your in place contract with them on a specific car.

BMW can change plans at any time so its always worthwhile to check when in the process of executing (or planning to execute "soon") any transaction on a BMW. With that being said, I dont think this policy has changed but since I am not in the market I have not / will not be reaching out to my Sales Manager contact to see if the policy has changed as of this month.... I doubt it though, and BMW FS saying the dealer can do with whatever they want is no indication at all of any sort of change in this policy.

Thanks for the clarifications. My lease (440i M sport convertible) is up in 6 1/2 months and the RV on the car is $40,000. I will have about 15,000 miles on it at that time. I made the mistake (in my opinion) of trading in my C5 Corvette when I leased this car and the dealers "gave" me $8,000 for it. So basically I put $8,000 down at lease inception. While I am not enamored with the car, there is nothing wrong with it, but as I said, I made the mistake of trading in my C5, or maybe I should say I made the mistake of not getting another Corvette.
If I ever get another car (I am now 74 years old), it will NOT be a BMW (maybe a Lexus?), but for now I will buy car for whatever (RV or some slight discount from that if they offer) and enjoy it.
It seems to me that if I just turned this car back in at the end of the lease it would be tantamount to throwing that $8,000 down the drain, so I am going to keep the car, buy it (don't know who I will have finance) and hope that it will provide me reliable service in the future.
Any comments??

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