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The Transmission

The LS line of engines are extremely modular and interchangeable. The transmission from one fits on another, and the heads are also swap-able. Unfortunately, the Corvette has it's transmission located at the rear of the car directly attached to the differential. Even though it is a T56, it is configured in such a way as to be unusable for this swap. I considered buying one and rebuilding it to be used here, but the cost was roughly double that of a low mileage T56 already configured to mate directly to my LS6. I selected a T56 from a 2004 Pontiac GTO with 54,000 miles on it. The gearing is similar to that of the Corvette, but more importantly, it has triple cone syncros and beefed up shifting forks. I recommend this version over the earlier 98-02 f-body T56 for this reason. Here is the transmission I ended up with:

Note: the shifter is an aftermarket MGW unit. Although I have not seen it used in any previous swaps, I believe it will come in handy when fitting the transmission to the car. More on that later.
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