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Collecting Parts.....

I was just reminded that people actually read my thread and are waiting for an update! Fair enough! I've got good news and bad news:

The good: I have spent the intervening month collecting parts for the swap that I will detail below

The bad: I have also purchased a 20' enclosed car hauler to pack the entire project and much of my workshop in order to move to Wisconsin. This means that after this post, it will be a little bit before I set up the new workshop and get rolling. It kills me as I've finally collected most of what I need to get this thing going. Anyway, the ipdate:

I've received most of the parts I need to start. I've included a few pictures of the goodies below..

Here is the wiring harness. Wiring Specialties is awesome. Yes, it is possible to just create a wiring harness, but the fit and finish of this and the support they provide is second to none. I certainly couldn't turn out a product this good.

It also came with the PCM. Wiring Specialties has flashed this unit to adapt it to my exact specs (A/C w/GM Compressor, OBD2, etc) Super easy and actually pretty inexpensive.

I decided on a set of "home made" engine mounts from a gent in PA. He also did the mounts for the McCrimmon LS/E36 and was nice enough to make me a set. These mounts are super solid and they use the stock engine mount pads for lower NVH.

As many of you know, the ABS block move is one of the bigger challenges inherent in this swap. I decided to go with a full Chase Bays setup and delete the ABS block altogether. This setup will also delete the brake booster making for a super clean engine bay and more room for the LS6. I pretty much went on a buying spree at Chase Bays. Also pictured is the E36 to LS power steering adapter kit with upgraded power steering cooler, the smaller washer fluid reservoir and the hoses needed to the LS to E36 clutch setup. I ordered the power steering reservoir as well, but they are on a massive back order, so who knows when that will come in. Hopefully it's before the move.

I decided on an LS7 clutch and flywheel. I don't intend to boost this engine or really pull much more then stock HP out of it at any point. I want a smooth daily driver. This kit is a stock GM part including flywheel, pressure plate, and new clutch. It should be good for about 500hp with no issue and still be smooth and easy to drive in stop and go traffic.

Although I am not pulling the engine apart due to it's super low mileage (35k) I will be upgrading all applicable external bolts to ARP. Here are the flywheel and pressure plate bolts as well as a few random bits for the fuel system.

That's where the project is at the moment. As I said, it'll be a bit before I can set up again and make any progress. As you can see, with all this new kit, it should go together relatively quickly when I do get back to it. Stay tuned!

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