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Mein Auto: CPO2012 X5 35d M57(E70)
Mine 2012 E70 diesel is approaching 90K miles.

I believe that ALL emergent repairs have been covered by one warranty or another, CPO or various ELW.

I try to be meticulous about planned and preventative maintenance. I had ATF and filter changed at <70K miles. I'll have differentials and transfer case fluids changed sooner than later, <100k miles, very likely with the impending alignment and tire rotation.

I follow BMW Oil Change Interval, but have the dealership do it, as much to maintain our relationship as anything. I change the air filters.

I preemptively replaced and upgraded the battery a couple of years ago, as much so that I knew its history as anything else; it had no indication of problems.

I preemptively changed the thermostat. I preemptively replaced the OE CPO RFTs with NOKIAN WR G3 all weather year around snows.

I am under the hood roughly weekly to charge the battery. While there I carefully inspect the Elastobelt and serpentine belt, the coolant reservoir and the PS reservoir. I clean and wash the X5 roughly weekly, during warm weather while I have liquid water, and yesterday inspected the wells left, right and center (electronics and battery).

About affordability; our note will be retired in 18 months, then the payments will be earmarked for emergent and consumable expenses. We hope that this is our last vehicle.
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