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Instrument panel bulbs

Hey Rmorin49, I don't want to open a can of worms about you changing from 3W to 5W bulbs, however, I did this same thing on one of my '85 6ers a year or so ago - it just made sense, since my closeup vision isn't quite what it used to be. I caught so much crap from some of the bigcoupe guys about the 5W bulbs generating too much heat, at least more than the 3W bulbs, the 5 watters were brighter, but because of the additional heat in the instrument cluster, I went back in and switched the bulbs back to 3W. I didn't have problems with the 5W's, I used them for maybe a month and I don't drive this car much at night anyhow, however, I didn't want to cause a possible problem with too much heat in that cluster....the new 3W's seem to be bright enough now, maybe because they're new and the old 3W's were a little dusty. Might be good to get some opinions from the guys who've been there, done that.

Good luck with it, your 6er looks great, by the way.

Bob G
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