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Originally Posted by ctorrey View Post
Not at all. It's nothing like the new Mustangs that have a 'quiet' mode to avoid annoying your neighbors. In comfort mode, there's only a slight change in sound at idle and under power. In sport mode, there is a noticeable change, but again, not really raucous until overrun conditions.

For the N55 engines (i.e., 335i, 435i, etc.) BMW offered two M Performance options:

Power Kit: This is essentially an engine tune that increases horsepower and torque by roughly 10%. It also adds some exhaust burbles and pops in some conditions with the factory exhaust. This costs around $1,200 (plus labor) and requires a BMW technician to 'program' the car among other things. I had this applied to my '14 335i. There is a placard that is placed on the fan shroud in the car that indicates if this has been installed. It is very unlikely that your car has this as it wasn't really advertised as a factory option.

Exhaust Kit: This is a replacement of the exhaust system from the cats back (I believe). I think there are some minor performance increases, but the system definitely improves the exhaust sound. I'm not sure what this costs, but is what you are considering.

These can be purchased separately, but they obviously can be bundled for a complete package. When the B58 engine was launched with the 340i, 440i, etc. these were no longer separate - it became a single package. I have this on my current 340i and love it.

In my opinion, I would go with the Power Kit over the exhaust, but that's just me.

Hope this helps!
The MPPK (M-Performance power Kit) for x35 cars (N55) included the tune and air box while using the stock exhaust. On the car that the OP is looking at, you can ask the dealer to send a pic of the engine bay where you should see the intake, new engine cover, as well as the MPPK sticker. BMW also offered a separate M-Performance exhaust for those cars that could be added with or w/o the MPPK. The MPPSK (M-Performance Power and Sound Kit) on the LCI x40 cars (B58) includes the tune and a straight piped cat-back exhaust while using the standard air box. Key features to look for on these cars would be the under hood sticker, the muffler has "M-Performance" embossed on it, and larger exhaust tips in either stainless steel or carbon fiber w/ the M logo etched on the top.

Originally Posted by ship4u View Post
I don't know. So, I'm going to check on that tomorrow. The car is a distance away from where I live, so I'll need to ask the dealership. The car has a sticker on the side that says "M Performance." The listing on the car says "Performance Exhaust", nothing more. How would I know if it had a chip? Would there be a sticker in the engine area?
The M-performance stickers along the side skirts was a separate option when I ordered my 340 and had nothing to do w/ getting the MPPSK.

Originally Posted by Ridin'Dirty View Post
Wouldn't the MPPK and exhaust package show up when you decode the cars VIN if the car was so equipped?
MPPK & MPPSK are M-Performance accessories installed at the port or the dealer so they would not show on a VIN decoder. If port-installed however, it would be on the original window sticker. And as someone mentioned, you can always go to the service dept and they should be able to pull it there. Maybe even go to your local dealer w/ the last 7 of the VIN and see if they'd check for you? You're not asking for the history or a print out, just what equipment is on the car.
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