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Hello everyone,
Over the past year we have been writing messages and sharing info together with Pete, trying to find a solution to this.
I have been through a process of unsuccessful DPF cleaning (clogged by "wet" cleaning method, 30km between regens) to buying a brand new OEM DPF filter together with changing all the sensors for new ones, faulty glow plugs+controller, and more... No significant changes were observed after the changes - apart from buing new DPF of course.
My new DPF has ran more than 20000km since installing and the frequency of my regenerations is approx 150-200km constantly doing city driving, 200-300km highway, and a combination of all. Additionally partial regenerations are happening in between as well sometimes.
By reading this thread all over again I have an impression the distance between regenerations this short is normal on an E70. This can be quite "depressing" when everyone on forums about other cars (evern other manufacturer cars) writes about 400-600km normal and 1000km max. (BMWs will trigger regen automatically at this mileage). But I have yet to find the magical solution to our cars behaving as they are and not as most other cars do.
What I am sure of is that too many short city drives is the worst case scenario for DPF health due to low exhaust temperatures. This applies to any DPF in any car.

I would welcome if more people can write the Distance between regeneration in this thread. Thank you.

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