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Originally Posted by rbryantaz View Post
I got the new octacore Snapdragon 625 Android 9.0 head unit with 4G/64G from aliexpess (seller Kanor) last week.

The Unit:

I opted for the 4/64 version because it is supposed to have a screen with less glare. It comes with a black surround where the 3/32 octacore version has the silver finish on the surround.

There are also PX6 android units out there which are slightly cheaper and probably fine. The Snapdragon unit also has cellular support and updated video processing so it seemed like a good idea.

I installed most of it over the weekend and it went pretty well even though there was zero documentation other than wire labels.

My X5's options:

My 2007 CCC had the 6.5" screen, no nav, no reverse camera, no rear entertainment but did have the glovebox CD changer and SAT radio.

I have AUX in the center armrest but no USB.

Options were:

S645ABMW US Radio
S655ASatellite tuner
S663ARadio BMW Professional
S672ACD changer for 6 CDs
S677AHiFi System Professional DSP

I did not have to use the AUX cable and the sound is good. I saw no difference between connecting to the AUX in the armrest and not.

AUX input observations:

The aux input that they provide in the unit's wiring is just a splice into the aux input in the aftermarket connector that goes between the radio and the factory wiring. It is just effectively connected to pins 2, 7,8 as shown here from an e60 writeup that appears to be the same as the e70:


I bet most people's problems would be resolved by removing the wires shown above if using the latest unit (that way they aren't overdriven, grounded out, loaded, etc). I almost wonder if connecting a dummy connector into the AUX jack would also work to disconnect the rest of the system... Often aux jacks have an internal switch/disconnect when you plug something into them so just plugging something in would allow the units connections to start working even without driving a signal to it (because the signal is already driven on the same wires with the new unit)!

Please do let me know if I am missing something with the wiring here... It should be possible to identify any issues precisely...


I plan to use the factory GPS connection to the sharkfin. I have to remove it from the connection in the rear behind the right rear panel and connect it via an aftermarket GPS extension cable. I discovered however that if I disconnect the antenna from the box I get an annoying SOS error when I start the car so I will have to either code that out or split the antenna. For now I ordered a splitter.
I recommend buying a 16ft fakra cable with male on one end and female on the other (extender) and then using a male to dual female splitter. The reason to do male to dual female and not the other way around (no threesome jokes please) is that the splicing of the cable is done in a better way than most fmale to dual male splitters that I see.

Aftermarket rear camera:

I bought a $21 latch camera with fake dynamic lines. The dynamic lines move if the car is moving and stay for a couple of seconds if you slow to a stop. I haven't tested it much but it seems okay and it can be ignored if desired. I used the latch camera because it seemed more centered. On second thought perhaps having it offset to the passenger side would given a better curb view when parallel parking.... I also needed a new latch because the rubber/plastic on mine had gone goopy from the sun here in AZ. I may consider splurging another $20 to put a camera in the factory location. I wired it so that it can be swapped with just the video and power connector so it is no big deal.

The install was actually easier than a lot of howto's show. The unit has a "camera 12v" line and a "Camera Det" line. I am not sure what the "Camera Det" line does but the 12v line does indeed drive battery voltage when the x5 goes into reverse. This is handy because you can connect that to the red wire that comes with the video cable as a power source. This is much better than connecting to reverse light (possibly with relay to make it stable, etc). I also ran a ground wire from the hatch to the ground lug on the passenger side (behind the access panel). I probably could have just connected it to the hatch body but this seemed like an easy thing to do that will provide a very stable ground.

Attachment 863419
I crimped a spade splice in just incase my camera video line fails or I need to upgrade it to one with more shielding but so far it seems just fine. Plus it is just nice to be able to disconnect things and i had them laying around.

I don't have object detection (perhaps that is what the det line is for but it seems to work just fine for $20 instead of hundreds for a factory camera retrofit.
Hey Rich,

Congrats with new Android device!

Regarding sound, did you try to disconnect AUX factory wires from the socket in the armrest? It gives better sound quality not only for Android but for factory sound as well.
You can see it in my video:

Have you connected central speaker to the android and tested it with factory radio and navigation on android? Without any installation manual it is not that obvious to connect those wires correctly. Two short twisted wires of android harness (white and blue) should be connected together, and two long twisted wires should go to the central speaker.

Do I get it right you've got the rear camera with dynamic lines? Actually Android has its own dynamic lines so you supposed to have them both now on the screen, which is not comfortable.
I always recommend this camera to the standard place (and order it without parking lines):
It has Sony sensor, great picture in day and night time, wide angle, very good quality.
Regarding connection, NO need to connect ground wire, the ground is in RCA yellow video cable, the additional one may give noise/lines to the picture.
Here you can see that cam angle from factory place and android dynamic lines:

I don't recommend to use GPS antenna splitter, it may give voltage issues and destroy GPS android module. GPS extension cable to the factory antenna is the best solution. Good to know you've come to that solution.
E70 3.0d DPF/EGR off + chip Stage 1 (~290 hp).
Android 4.4 => Android 8.1

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