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Originally Posted by Serge858 View Post
Hey Rich,

Congrats with new Android device!

Regarding sound, did you try to disconnect AUX factory wires from the socket in the armrest? It gives better sound quality not only for Android but for factory sound as well.
You can see it in my video:

Have you connected central speaker to the android and tested it with factory radio and navigation on android? Without any installation manual it is not that obvious to connect those wires correctly. Two short twisted wires of android harness (white and blue) should be connected together, and two long twisted wires should go to the central speaker.

Do I get it right you've got the rear camera with dynamic lines? Actually Android has its own dynamic lines so you supposed to have them both now on the screen, which is not comfortable.
I always recommend this camera to the standard place (and order it without parking lines):
It has Sony sensor, great picture in day and night time, wide angle, very good quality.
Regarding connection, NO need to connect ground wire, the ground is in RCA yellow video cable, the additional one may give noise/lines to the picture.

I don't recommend to use GPS antenna splitter, it may give voltage issues and destroy GPS android module. GPS extension cable to the factory antenna is the best solution. Good to know you've come to that solution.
I might not have turned on the android lines, I currently only have one set which match what the camera is supposed to supply. I will have to check the setting and compare which is better. If android is better then I might switch to a camera without lines. Interesting point on using the video cable ground as the power ground, I didn't try that.

I don't have factory parking sensors, is there an extra aftermarket sensor that adds the detection and beeps? I saw the "camera det" wire but did not connect it.

I did connect the center speaker and it works well including for google maps. There were 2 speaker wires that I didn't connect They were something like Seaker 1 Fl and Speaker 2 Fl. They had the same connectors as the center and could have been connected into each other but they didn't seem to do anything:

Click image for larger version

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The aux line from the armrest is just connected to the same exact wires that the head unit connects to (as I referenced in the connector pictures). The only way I can see it giving better sound is if the aux line in the arm rest to the radio connector is adding noise or in a setup where connecting to it disconnects from other things. That would make sense for people that have a the rear AV setup.

I did try to connect to the AUX input at first and saw no difference. I then traced the wires and saw that the aux input connects into the radio harness. The AUX output from the android unit just connects to the same exact wires as the aux input from the armrest doe on the other side of the connector. So connecting to the aux input just connects it back to wires it is already connected to through a longer wire (which is pointless).



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