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Originally Posted by 2010xdrive35d View Post
I"m definitely not going to do it.

Since I put two new ones on the front and it pulls a little to the left, I have an appt for 9/20 with the dealer to get the alignment done. They are currently running a special on alignments starting @ $119.

Really a 25kg weight in the drivers seat? Guess that's all in keeping with the 50/50 weight distribution idea and aligning with a body's weight in the drivers seat while doing so? I'm just guessing here...
Wait, you are taking his incorrect information and trying to spin that into some logical explanation?!?!?

Why not FIRST determine what the supplemental weighting requirements are?

For my E39

1x68kg front
2x68 rear seat (L and R)

1x21kg in the trunk

Full tank of fuel.

Edit 68+68+68+21=225 kg aka 495 lbs. Plus fuel

Thats for the older BMWs

I can find NOTHING regarding weights for the E70

Over the last 20 years there has been a ton of spin on this issue... many cling to the mythology that 'BMWs are special; that BMW engineers and designers built in special, magical properties with these weights and procedures. Thye are convinced that only a BMW dealer can weight the car right (even if they only add 55 lbs and not the proper ~500 pounds )

Google it. you'll find thousands. pictures of the bmw work instructions...stories abut the purpose: ride height when fully laden. Or a Dinan one: car settles under dynamic air pressure at speed, so the weights set it at that height.

The more arcane and complex the explanation, the more excitement it generates....

Alignment here: The Definitive Alignment Thread

OE is Original Equipment aka 'BMW Original Parts' aka 'What you buy at the BMW dealer with a BMW label'

OEM is Original Equipment Manufacturer... EITHER the company that made the OE part or.... A part this is identical to the OE part, but is sold by the OEM under their own label

OEM is not what BMW sells

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